How to check the potential lymph nodes of dogs?

How to check the potential lymph nodes of dogs?

Lymph nodes enlargement

It is very important to check the potential lymph nodes to determine whether the dog is infected or diagnosed certain infectious diseases. The role of lymph nodes is mainly antibacterial. Once there is a problem with the lymph nodes, the dog will be easily harmed by some viruses. The lymph nodes that can be checked usual include jaw lymph nodes, lymph nodes under ear and throat, neck lymph nodes, shoulder lymph nodes, etc. Essence

1. Related inspection method of lymph nodes

Generally, you can use the method of visual diagnosis and palpation to judge. If necessary, you can use the puncture method to judge. When conducting potential lymph nodes and palpation examinations, it is mainly to pay attention to its position, hardness, shape, size, surface state, sensitivity, and mobility.

How to check the potential lymph nodes of dogs?
If the problem is serious

2. The pathological changes of lymph nodes

The main manifestations can be divided into acute or chronic enlarged, while some show a trend of purulent.

1. Acute swelling: usually presents obvious enlarged, smooth surface, and will be accompanied by obvious heat and pain reactions. The acute swelling of lymph nodes is more common in acute infections of surrounding tissues and organs.

2. Chronic swelling: Generally, swelling, hard constraints, surface unevenness, no heat, pain and other related reactions, and most of them will have adhesion with the surrounding tissues, which is difficult to move. Chronic swelling of lymph nodes in the early days of canine lymphadenopathy, chronic swelling of the body surface lymph nodes. In addition, chronic swelling of lymph nodes can also be seen in the surrounding tissue of various lymph nodes, chronic infections and inflammation of the organ of various lymph nodes.

3. lymphatic pus: This problem has significantly fluctuating during a chest of swelling, thermal sensation, and pain reactions. To improve this problem, puncture may be performed, and then the purulent content inside is removed, and anti -inflammatory treatment is performed. However, the method of puncture is not casual. People with some experience need to be dealt with. If the owner finds that the dog is swollen with purulent lymph nodes, do not try to puncture easily to avoid unnecessary to the dogs. Damage, and increase the seriousness of the problem.