Efficacy and usage of dog nutrition cream

Efficacy and usage of dog nutrition cream

Pentian (detail introduction)

Dog nutrition cream is a kind of easy -to -absorb, digestible and very practical speed supplement nutrition. After eating, dogs can quickly recover to the best state. This is a nutritional product that is mainly based on the nutrients needed by the dog's daily body. It is relatively widely used, but it is currently mainly used for postoperative and sick dogs. So what are the effects of dog nutrition cream? Which dog is suitable for?

1. The effect of dog nutrition cream

Dog nutrition cream, as the name suggests, is the role of nutrition. Generally, dogs can supplement his nutrition by eating nutrient cream when you are inadequate or very small when you are inadequate. Mainly used for surgery. After the illness, the physical can recover; physical recovery after work and large amount of labor; weakness, elderly dogs and cat energy supplement; treating anorexia, anemia, and improving immunity. It can also be used as daily nutritional supplement, fur health and appetite regulation.

Efficacy and usage of dog nutrition cream
Pet nutrition cream

2. Which dogs need to supplement nutrition cream

1. Puppies, at this time the dog's digestion and absorption ability has not yet developed, and it is easy to lack calcium. This will cause the dog to grow slowly, poor constitution, and weak resistance.

2. The dogs with picky eaters, for long -term picky eaters, not eating dog food, or eating foods that people eat and have a single diet structure, it is necessary to supplement certain nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, etc.

2. Pregnant dogs, breastfeeding bites. At this time, the dog's body needs a lot of nutritional needs. Eating nutrition creams for dogs can supplement its demand for various nutrients, especially calcium.

3. The old dog, because the digestion and absorption of elderly dogs is slowly degraded, the absorption of nutrition will be greatly reduced. Eating dog nutrition cream can increase various nutritional elements.

4. Dogs who are sick, sick dogs can provide basic energy for eating nutrient cream because they can't eat meals.

5. When changing dog food, you usually change the dog food for dogs. The dogs will not appetite very well. At this time, add some nutrient cream to it, and the dog's appetite will be widened.

6. Obesity dogs need to effectively balance pet nutrition for some obese dogs to achieve weight control.

Pet nutrition cream

Three, the correct way to use dog nutrition cream

1. 5-10ml per day every 5 kg;

2. If this product is the main food, 10-20ml per 5 kg;

3. Before feeding, a small number of dogs are set up in the mouth to adapt to the mouth, and then they can be fed directly;

4. Lick directly in the pet's nose or mouth, or you can mix it in food, or feed it with medicine.

At the beginning, if too much feeding can not allow the baby baby to adapt to its taste quickly, first use a small amount, squeeze out a small amount on the fingertips, and do not squeeze out of the pipeline. The smell is scared. You can squeeze out the point on your fingers. If your pet is unwilling to lick, you can squeeze out and apply it on the pet's nose. Remember that your pet does not accept this taste and don't be discouraged. Please try again.

Nutrition paste is not a god, but nutritional cream can maintain the normal physiological function of the dog and maintain the vitamin, protein, and thermal energy required every day. These advantages can share the concerns of their favorite people for their health, and the dogs who love dogs have a good appetite! The body is the best.

Editor's Tip: Since a nutritional paste is about 14OG, it is about the same as toothpaste used at home, and the nutritional content is very high. For large dogs and dogs you like to eat, if the amount is controlled, the amount is controlled. I didn't eat it in a few days. So pay attention to restraint when feeding such nutrition!