Analysis of the reasons why dogs like to pee in different places

Analysis of the reasons why dogs like to pee in different places

Golden Retriever (detail introduction)

We often see that dogs especially like to pee in a certain corner, corner, trunk, tires, electric poles and other places, especially male dogs. Dogs can transmit information through the smell of their special urine.

First, the reason why dogs like to pee on the wire rod

Some parents believe that the reason why dogs urinate on the rod are mainly to make odor marks on iconic buildings or things. There are three main purpose of doing this. The first is to help the dogs recognize the way, and the second is to help the dogs divide the site, and the third is to leave their own smell and let other dogs know "yourself" after smelling "yourself". Gender and other information.

Gong dogs have always liked to lift their legs to pee at the wire rod. Some people once said that the reason why male dogs like to raise their legs are mainly to attract bitches, raising their legs to show their gender. Don't make yourself wet.

Of course, the male dog likes to lift his legs to urine in the wire rod, which is mainly to seize the site and leave his own smell. Most of the dogs will be heard before the dog urine to determine whether there is the urine smell of other male dogs. If there is, it will quickly lift the legs and sprinkle the urine as much as possible to cover the other male dogs. The taste of urine is equivalent to erected a signboard in this place: in the private field, do not enter the idle "dog". Sometimes the puppy is too large to occupy the site, it will excrete the urine stages in batches, and even when it cannot be discharged, it is accustomed to doing urination movements and strives to drip out one or two drops.

Analysis of the reasons why dogs like to pee in different places
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2. The reason why dogs like to pee on the trunk

The reason why dogs seeing the trunk peeing are not because they need to urinate physiologically, but a way of the dog's marking route. We know that the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive. It can recognize the taste of its urine. When you go out, you will be identified when you touch the trees on the side of the road or the corner corner will be identified. In this way, no matter how far it goes out, you will find the taste of the urine back to your home. Your question is where it is. With so many urine, in fact, it has a small amount of urine at a time, just with its taste, not a lot of urine urine every time.

Three, the reason why dogs like to pee on tires

Dogs like to "mark" around the tires because the tire can be driving through the car, bringing the smell above elsewhere, so that more dogs smell their smell, thereby expanding their fields.

From this point of view, peeing on the car tire is the nature of the dog.

The dog evolved from the wolf. It inherited the awareness of the field of wolves, so the dog always likes to urinate in trees, electric poles and other places when going out. This behavior is called "mark".

Dogs will rely on these "marks", that is, the smell of urine to identify the fields of themselves or other dogs. This behavior is especially reflected in the male dog. They will raise the hind legs and make "mark" in places higher than the ground, so as to make their smell closer to the nose of other dogs, so that their smell is easier Let other dogs smell.

This kind of information hormone can only be identified by the same kind. But for civilization, it is recommended that dogs with local urine acts need to change such a habit. Give the correct training or buried odor, of course, sterilization surgery can also be performed.