What if the dog can't hold back his urine?

What if the dog can't hold back his urine?

What if the dog can't hold back his urine?
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Dogs with normal body usually have relatively regular excretion habits, and rarely can urinate or cannot hold urine. Under normal circumstances, the dogs will urinate shortly after getting up every morning, and then excreted about 15-20 minutes after drinking water. And dogs have a certain ability to urinate, but there are many factors that dogs can't hold urine, so they cannot be generalized.

1. Dogs are younger

Small dogs may not be able to hold urine due to their physical functions. Not only that, puppy is more sensitive to the abnormal situation of the outside world. Some timid dogs are frightened and cannot urinate.

2. Excessive drinking water

In the summer, because the hot weather will cause the dog's drinking water to increase greatly, and at the same time, the dog's metabolism is accelerated, so the number of dogs' urination will increase accordingly. Therefore, after drinking a lot of water, the dog's bladder will always fill the urine full of urine. In this case, it is normal for dogs to be urinating. After all, the amount of urine is more excreted.

Three, not developing awareness of urination

Many owners are usually casual when they are educating dogs, and they are particularly fond of their dogs, so they do not criticize them when they make mistakes. Urous nesting is because of this. So many times the dogs do not want to urinate, but do not want to urinate. Because they know that they will not be punished even if they urinate anywhere, and the owners will help themselves, so they don't need to worry too much.

Therefore, for the "unable to urinate" because of the usual habit, or the owner to help them correct their living habits, we must develop a good awareness of excretion. If you find the situation of urinating anywhere, you must stop it in time and punish it appropriately. If you do well, you can make a certain reward, and over time, you will develop good excretion habits to avoid an embarrassing situation of unable to urinate.

Four, the disease caused by disease

In addition, dogs may not be urinating may be infected with urinary system diseases. If you find that pet dogs are normal, there is no other abnormal response in the body, but frequent urine is always unable to hold back, and each time you urine may only be a little bit. In this case, parents should pay attention. For safety reasons, take the dog to the hospital for a detailed physical examination. If it is not a urinary system, the owner can also think at the same time thinking about other methods to help dogs develop normal excretion habits. However, if the diagnosis is a urinary system disease, it is necessary to treat it in time. Be careful not to delay.

Five, the age causes

With the improvement of age, the functions of the body will gradually decline, and the situation of unable to urinate occasionally, but this is caused by natural physiology, so there is no good way to improve this problem. It can only be cleaned up in time by the owner to ensure environmental hygiene issues.

There are many reasons that cause dogs to be unable to urinate. If we are older, we may not have a good way to improve. However, if it is commonly used to or illness, it should be processed as soon as possible. Bad habits must be trained and corrected in time, and they must go to the hospital as soon as possible to be checked and treated as soon as possible.