Change your dog's diet in summer

Change your dog's diet in summer

Change your dog's diet in summer

As the seasons change, dogs have different needs for heat. When keeping dogs indoors and outdoors, dogs need less heat in summer and more in winter. Don't just feed the same food in a year, but change the food according to the season and physical condition, so as to ensure the healthy growth of your dog.

< strong > the food intake in the season that begins to warm up is 10% lower than that in winter ( < strong > spring < /strong>)

You don't need too much heat after winter, but your dog's appetite won't drop sharply, so be careful not to let him eat too much.

Snacks are the root of obesity. If you want to give the dog snacks, you can only give them to dried meat and the like, and they should be counted as part of your appetite. Food intake should also be reduced to 90% of winter food intake.

With the increase of temperature and humidity, food is prone to mildew, so it should be kept in a sealed container and in a ventilated place.

< strong > in the season of loss of appetite, always weigh yourself (in summer) < /strong >

Dogs are afraid of heat, and their appetite will drop in summer. This is a normal physiological phenomenon of reducing fat to get through the heat, so don't worry.

But you have to weigh your dog once a month. If you lose 10% of your weight, it means something is wrong with your dog.

If your dog's appetite is still strong in summer, you should prevent it from getting fat. A sharp reduction in food intake will make it very irritable, so mixing in low-calorie food is conducive to a reasonable control of food intake.

< strong > obesity should be prevented in the season with strong appetite (autumn) < /strong >

Not only humans, but also dogs have a strong appetite in autumn, which is a normal physiological phenomenon to reserve subcutaneous fat for the winter. If you eat too much, you will still get fat. If the dog's weight rises in a straight line, and it can feel its excess weight directly, it should lose weight in time. When you lose weight, you don't need to reduce the amount of food you eat. As long as you mix some cabbage in dog food, you can adjust high-calorie food into low-calorie food.

When the weather is good, let it do a lot of exercise, which will also help to prevent its obesity.

< strong > Pay attention to water supplement in the season of strong appetite (winter) < /strong >

In winter, in order to keep the body temperature and accumulate subcutaneous fat, the puppy's appetite is extremely strong, and the amount of exercise also increases, so its food intake should be gradually increased.

Eating too much can cause obesity, so it should be weighed regularly and tested for fat.