Can dogs eat cold food in summer?

Can dogs eat cold food in summer?

Can dogs eat cold food in summer?
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In summer, dogs are also hot. Give them some cold water or some ice-cold food. Dogs like it, too. But can dogs eat cold food in summer? Nothing can be said to die. Dogs can eat some cold food properly, but don't eat too much. Even the food taken out of the refrigerator should be put down at room temperature before giving it to dogs.

When some parents are eating ice cream, the dog looks piteously, and will inevitably give it to the dog. Don't give ice cream to dogs, because ice cream contains a lot of chemicals. Some ice creams taste chocolate, and they should not be given to dogs.

Someone asked if the yogurt in the refrigerator can be eaten by dogs in summer. Yogurt can be given to dogs to help them digest. Take it out of the refrigerator and put it away. You can't give it to them directly. If a dog drinks milk, it needs a gradual process. It needs to drink a lot at a time, and then it will drag on in the toilet. So be sure to drink milk slowly for your dog.

People like to eat watermelon to quench their thirst in summer. It is not only sweet but also cool, and it is the best food to quench their thirst in summer. Watermelon itself has seeds, and dogs will eat watermelon seeds together with them. These seeds are not easy to digest and can't even be eliminated casually, which will have a bad influence on dogs' health. At the same time, watermelon is a sugary fruit, and eating too much will cause dogs to have diarrhea. Of course, eating too much sugar can also cause obesity in dogs. If you give it to dogs, it's best to remove the seeds from watermelon and don't give them too much food.

Someone also asked, can you give your dog mung bean porridge in summer? Mung bean porridge can really reduce summer heat for people, but it's not easy for dogs to digest, so it's better to eat less. If you want to give it to dogs, you can give them mung bean porridge soup instead of mung beans. Don't put sugar in mung bean porridge. Eating too much sugar will make dogs obese and even cause diabetes.

In summer, excessive consumption of cold drinks is bad for dogs' health. It's ok to let dogs lick in moderation. It's important to have a proper control. So don't be fooled by dogs' poor charming eyes and greedy appearance.

< strong > Friendly reminder < /strong >: After cats and dogs eat too much cold drinks, the gastrointestinal mucus is damaged, causing inflammation or ulcer. When cats and dogs eat cold drinks, they will feel abdominal discomfort, greatly reduce their appetite, and even vomit and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and acidosis of cats and dogs in severe cases. If your cat and dog have symptoms of excessive consumption of cold drinks, they should fast for a day and then be fed liquid food or prescription cans. When cats and dogs vomit violently and dehydrate obviously, some electrolytes should be properly supplemented. If they have severe abdominal pain, they should go to the doctor for a sedative and analgesic injection.