Introduction of information about greyhound.

Introduction of information about greyhound.

Introduction of information about greyhound.
Lingti dog

Does Lenit sound a very poetic name? In the usual pet dogs, Lingti can often be seen, so many people know very little about it. Today, I will take you to understand its true colors.

English name: GRYHOUND

Physical weight: (public) 65 ~ 70 pounds

(Mother) 60 ~ 65 pounds

Small: (Gong) 71 ~ 76cm

(Mother) 68 ~ 71cm

Origin: Middle East area

Introduction to Dog Seeds

Since ancient times, the hare has been a chasing competitor of Lingst. Now it is a rabbit in order to train artificial machinery to make them chasing activities. This dog is the champion of the field, with an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour. In the past, it was used for huntering rabbits. In the future, Lingti is the main player in some national dogs. The dogs used to hunt the hare is very obedient, very pleasing to the owner, elegant temperament. It has a sense of speed and a smart look. Lingst is one of the ancient dog breeds. It is a purebred dog, and the shape has not changed from ancient times. The first trained visual hunter using visual tracking prey is the fastest dog in the world, with a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. But this dog has not exquisite prototypes, but it is also suitable for family dogs.

It originated in the Mediterranean regions of Greece, Turkey, etc., which was about 500 BC, in the era of Pharaoh, and the Middle Ages expanded to Southern Europe. This kind of dog's bones have also been found in the ruins of Pompeii. In the coffin of ancient Egypt, a dog -like dog mummy was also found. Lingsti and small species of Italian Lingti, in the medieval Europe, is widely loved by people, especially nobles. In fact, the avatars used on the decorative chapters are Lingti. French royal family and the helmet of the French royal family and the British Henry VIII can be found.


The head of Lingti dog

Long and narrow, the ears are wide, and the stop is almost impossible to detect that the sinus is very small or no, and the tone has sufficient length, powerful but not rough. The teeth are very strong and the front is flat.

The Ears of Lingti Dog

The ears are small and the texture is delicate. In addition to the excitement, the ears are backward and folds. When excited, the ears are half -ears.

The eyes of Lingti dogs

Dark, cheerful and smart eyes show enthusiasm.

The neck of Lingti dog

Long, muscular, fat -free, slightly round arches, gradually widening and blending into the shoulders.

The scapula of Lingti dog

The location is as tilted as possible, and the muscles are developed without anti -shoulder.

The front leg of Lingti dog

Straighten and perfect, combined with the scapula well, neither bending inward nor outward, sturdy gum bone.

The chest of Lingti dog

Deep, and the width can be commensurate with his speed, and the rib expansion is quite good.

Back of Lingti Dogs

The muscles are developed and wide.

The waist of Lingti dog

The muscles are developed, have enough depth, beautiful arches, and clear waist nest lines.

The back of the Lingti dog

Long, muscles are very developed, strong, wide, knee low and moderately tilted. The flying angle is appropriate, close to the ground, wide, but keep straight from beginning to end.

The foot claws of Lingti dogs

Strong and compact, closer to rabbit feet instead of cat feet, referring to joint health, strong claws.

The Tail of Lingti Dog

Long, delicate, slightly thinning, slightly upward curve.

Mao of Lingti Dog

Short, smooth, and solid texture.

The color of Lingti dog

It doesn't matter.

The weight of Lingti dog

Male 65 ~ 70 pounds; female 60 ~ 65 pounds.