Basic knowledge of separation anxiety disorder in dogs

Basic knowledge of separation anxiety disorder in dogs

Basic knowledge of separation anxiety disorder in dogs

dog separation anxiety

Children become anxious when they are separated from their parents or in a new environment, a phenomenon that psychologists call separation anxiety.

Manifestations of pet separation anxiety

1. The separation anxiety of pets is actually the same as that of people. During the time when the owner is out, they are uneasy, anxious, and do some uncontrollable behaviors.

2. For example, licking a certain part of one's own body (masochistic behavior); biting furniture (destructive behavior); making a whining sound (the owner suddenly attacked before going out); turning around (staged abnormal behavior);

The above behaviors are usually manifested after breaking up with the owner or going out for 30 minutes.


Dependent puppies are prone to anxiety:

In most cases, the dog is not at fault, it is the misbehavior of the owner that is causing the problem.

Some owners over-indulge the dog, and over-indulgence will make it think that every psychological need of its own will be satisfied, making the dog unable to stand on its own.

Under normal circumstances, if the dog has behavioral problems, such as destroying things, the owner will take it to see a doctor—behavioral training.

Some owners thought it was mainly because the dog was "bored", so they bought another dog to accompany him.

However, owners should not think that the situation is very serious, as long as they understand how to treat it correctly, the dog will be greatly improved.

How to Treat

when it's stay at home

Separate slowly

To help your dog get used to being alone, it should be separated from it slowly.

Leaving home

When the dog can accept the owner disappears for an hour or two, the owner can try to leave the house to see how it reacts. When starting training, it can leave the house up to 20 times in a day. At first, the dog will be full of great

Don't hug it

When you are ready to go out, don't exaggerately coax and hug the dog, as if parting from life and death, just tell it to go out, and it will come back soon. It is not a terrible thing to make it feel that the owner leaves.

Give some snacks

Before you go out, give your dog some tasty treats, especially those rare treats with their owners.

Exercise first

Before you go out, you can take your dog out to exercise. When the dog comes home, he has consumed too much physical strength, and he is so tired that he just wants to fall asleep and has no energy to miss his owner at all.

Get trained

Well-trained dogs are more able to control their emotions and are more confident.

Find a partner

Since dogs are social animals, as long as they can find a companion for them, they can greatly ease their thoughts of their owners. Many cases show that in addition to finding another dog as a companion, cats will also make them happy.


Whether you believe it or not, scientists agree that dogs are the animals that are best at understanding humans. Although many animals have been proven to have higher IQs than dogs, no animal can surpass dogs in understanding human words, deeds, expressions and even emotions.