Jingba's knowledge of deworming in vitro

Jingba's knowledge of deworming in vitro

Jingba's knowledge of deworming in vitro

Jingba has a beautiful and elegant long hair. In the hot summer, it is the most likely to breed parasites and is also the favorite place for parasites. If you do not clean up for a long time, you may breed in vitro parasites. The harm of the infected body parasitic is extremely harmful, which will cause itching of the dog's whole body and severely induce skin diseases. Therefore, in the process of breeding, it is necessary to clean the Beijing dogs regularly and need to drive it out of the body.

Pay attention to the need to pay attention to the in vitro parasites to the Dog of Kyoto:

First, to drive out the in vitro parasites for the Beijing -Pakistan dog, you can choose a professional medicine bath. At the same time, you can choose some shower gels and cleaning supplies with insect repellent.

Second, if the body of the Kyoto dog has breeds parasites and the skin has been infected, it is best to take Jingba to the hospital and give it insect with the help of a doctor. Of course, the choice of deworming drugs, how to remove insects for dogs, can listen to the doctor's advice.

Third, pay attention to the exudation of the in vitro parasites for the Peking Dog. In addition to the dogs itself, the environment of its life, such as dog nest, sleeping pads, etc., requires timely cleaning, drying, and disinfection to prevent the Beijing -Pakistan dog from being infected with parasites again.

Fourth, in the process of treating the skin diseases of Jingba dogs and deworming, when necessary, you can also choose external application medicine to auxiliary medicine baths. At the same time, strengthen the diet and nutrition of dogs, especially supplementing sufficient vitamin B and other nutrients.

It is not difficult to remove insects to the Kyoto dog, but if you have caused severe skin diseases, you must take a dog to see a doctor and choose the appropriate medicine and method to help the Beijing -Pak dog dewlogen.