Causes of dog food poisoning

Causes of dog food poisoning

Causes of dog food poisoning

The weather is hot in summer. If the pet owner is not good at keeping the dogs eat food, it will cause the dog's food poisoning.

Dog poisoning caused by eating pesticides

In summer, there are many bugs. There may be many worms that people hate in the grass and trees, so the action of insecticidal killing has been carried out. Spraying is a main way to kill insecticides. There are many kinds of pest elimination drugs that cause dog poisoning, such as: zinc phosphate, organic phosphorus (the main ingredients of the dichlorvos), amino neltate, etc. can cause dog poisoning. Dogs will carefully smell these odors, and even lick.

Suggestion: Pay attention to the way you usually take dogs, do you have any odor (be careful of any odor), and see if there are traces of small water droplets under the tree and surroundings.

Eat Rat or mice or mice who have taken a mouse medicine

I used to write an article about the precepts of mouse medicine, and briefly mention it here. Parents who like to pick up outside should pay special attention to that the dead mice are very dangerous for dogs. If the dog eats these dead mice and eat extinguishing mouse medicine, food poisoning is 100%.

Suggestion: When you go out, keep your dogs, especially after the rat drugs are just let go in the community. For dogs who love to eat things outside, you must keep staring for a moment, and you can bring a mask.

Food poisoning caused by eating corrupt food

The last factor is caused by our negligence, that is, the dog may have spoiled meals in the rice bowl. We did not replace the new one in time. The dog was hungry again. In the future, dogs may also cause dilute, vomiting and other conditions, and even food poisoning.

Suggestion: Become a diligent and good parent, pay attention to replace new food for the dogs in time. Don't be parents who are cut! Dogs don't want to throw things without eating light!

In the summer, the dogs like to play on the grass. We take them out to play longer than before, and we like to take them more for a while. This has increased their possibility of dangerous things in the grass by mistake. My suggestion is to pay attention to your dog, bringing flashlights when taking it out at night.