Wound treatment of several cases in dogs

Wound treatment of several cases in dogs

Each pet's surgical disease basically requires surgical surgery. The wounds after surgery are similar, but if there are some wounds, if they are not dealt with in time, pus will occur or even ulcerated injuries and the tissue inside, resulting in postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative tissue, causing postoperative postoperative operation, which causes postoperative tissue, causing postoperative postoperative surgery. Restoring delay or reconstruction of the disease, so the nursing work after surgery is very important.

(1) Female animal sterilization surgery

If female animals suffer from serious diseases such as ovarian tumors and ovarian cysts, the best way is to remove ovarian and uterus, which can prevent the disease from re -issuing. However, in the usual breeding process, if the owner does not want to let the dog have a sterilization surgery, it can prevent many diseases from occurring, such as these diseases, as well as uterine pus, endometritis, etc. Make love dogs longer and longer. Somneframe surgery generally includes ovarian resection and uterine resection. Ovarian removal should be fasted from 12 to 24 hours before. The part of the surgery is about four centimeters behind the umbilicus. The uterine horn and ovarian, the ovarian beam is found to ligate the ovary arteries and branches of the film and the uterine arteries, remove the tissue around the ovaries and then remove the ovaries. If uterine resection is to be performed, the mouth of the operation should be cut larger, about eight centimeters to ten centimeters. The method is similar, but it is slightly more complicated than ovarian resection. After the uterus and ovarian resection, close the abdominal cavity, suture the peritoneum, abdominal muscles and skin in turn, and then disinfect it with disinfection liquid to organize the wound part. The wound care of sterilization surgery is relatively simple. Frequent disinfection and gauze change will generally be better within a week. At the same time, antibiotics and sulfa drugs should be given for one week.

Preparation before canine sterilization

Wound treatment of several cases in dogs
Wound suture after dog sterilization

(2) General wound pus ulcer

If the wound is not treated in time, the trauma wound infection will occur, absorb the toxins of microorganisms, weaken the body's resistance and malnutrition, and improper treatment, resulting in shock, ulcer, fistula, etc. If the situation is relatively light, the recovery delay is delayed, and if it is serious, it will cause death. There are many reasons for abscess, ulcer, etc., including blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and material metabolism; damage caused by the nervous system or nutritional disorders caused by other diseases; some infection stimuli, vitamin deficiency and endocrine insufficiency; There are incorrect selection and use of wound disinfection drugs. Like the two pictures below shows that it is relatively serious, the skin outside the skin is not exposed, because the dogs were bite with other dogs before. It starts seriously without dealing with the condition. Now it can hardly walk. If it is not handled well, it will cause disability or even life -threatening. The principle of the treatment of wounds is emergency treatment, that is, temporary hemostasis, bandaging, etc.; Anti -shock; prevent infection, need to regularly disinfect the wound and combine antibiotics; prevent the imbalance of water and electrolyte; strengthen the usual feeding and management.

The outer layer of the dog's skin peels

Dog trauma

(3) Wounds after fracture

The symptoms of fractures include bleeding and swelling, pain, and dysfunction. The blood vessel rupture during fracture passes through the wound out of the wound or hematoma occurs. After these wounds are fixed outside or internal fixation, they can be treated according to the usual normal treatment. It is mainly for severe fractures that may cause great blood loss and shock to endanger life. The recovery period of the fracture is divided into several parts, so the recovery period is relatively long. In particular, we must pay attention to the postoperative care.

Dog wound treatment

Dog wound treatment

Although some wounds are very small and inconspicuous, the condition will develop quickly. In a few days, they will become larger or even pus. In order not to affect the recovery of health, we must pay attention to the care after surgery. Essence