Which is better, Labrador Golden Retriever? The difference between Labrador Golden Retriever

Which is better, Labrador Golden Retriever? The difference between Labrador Golden Retriever

Both Labrador and Golden Retriever are highly intelligent and obedient dogs.

Which golden Labrador is better

Labrador Golden Retriever: Golden Retriever Introduction, Golden Retriever is gentle by nature, and extremely intelligent, is a well-balanced, powerful, lively dog ​​breed.

The golden retriever has a friendly personality, warm personality, alertness and self-confidence. It is the most loyal and friendly family dog ​​and guide dog for the human being.

Golden Retriever, playful, gentle and caring, ranks fourth in the world's IQ in the dog world, because he likes to be praised, so he learns commands quickly, and he behaves very obediently, and likes to be a good child.

Which is better, Labrador Golden Retriever? The difference between Labrador Golden Retriever

Which Labrador Retriever is better?

Which is the best golden Labrador retriever: Labrador introduction, Labrador's personality is as gentle as its eyes, intelligent, thoughtful, bold and careful.

Labrador Retrievers are cute, friendly, and very happy with people.

1. I like to play, especially playing games with you. If you don't feel tired, it will always accompany you.

2. I like to do things, such as when I go out, I will help you get things that you can't finish, and will help you get some small items at home, etc.

3. Like water, almost all Labrador Retrievers are very fond of water, no matter whether they see water in winter or summer, they will definitely go down and swim a few times to be happy.

4. Will not swoosh on children and the elderly, as if knowing what to do, and not aggressive to strangers [unless specially trained to give instructions.

5. Does not like to bark, rarely hears sound [unless you are locked in a steel cage and want to pee, or you are locked in a cage for a long time and want to stretch your legs]

6. Willing you to teach it some instructions, and have excellent obedience and so on.

Differences between Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers:


First, Golden Retrievers have longer hairs, while Labrador Retrievers have shorter hairs.

Second, the face of the golden retriever is shorter than that of the Labrador.

Third, the golden retriever's ears are shorter than the Labrador's and are positioned higher than the eyes.

Fourth, the Labrador's tail is thick at the base and has no fringe hair.

Light-colored golden retriever and yellow Laddo puppies are a bit difficult to distinguish, but if you look carefully, you can still find the difference between the two.

In golden retriever puppies, although the hair is not fully developed, it can still be clearly seen that their hair is longer and slightly curled compared to Labrador retrievers, which belongs to down.

Golden Retriever Labrador Personality Comparison:

Some people say that the golden retriever is like a young lady or a noble man, while the Labrador is like a lively wild child, innocent but with little roots.

The golden retriever's self-individuality is more obvious, and the Labrador's obedience is higher.

Golden Retrievers are relatively lazy, and may get tired after playing for half an hour. Labrador Retrievers often play until they are tired and don't know how to rest.