What will cause red VIP nose and coat discoloration?

What will cause red VIP nose and coat discoloration?

The discoloration of the dog's nose may be related to the weather

Teddy dogs (details introduced) are divided into multiple colors. Treasury is one of the more popular colors. However, many owners will find such a situation, that is, their own redness will change slowly over time. Not just hairy, even the dog's nose will fade. The reason for this situation may be caused by the dog's own genes, and it may also have a certain relationship with the usual feeding.

Many red VIPs will change in the process of growth, and the changes in nose and hair color are the most important. Even when we choose, we pay special attention to the brown -red puppies with black noses. However, if the dog's own genes have the bloodline of the dogs in other colors, the color of the dog may change over time.

In fact, many dogs with black nose may occur in "snow nose". This is caused by pigment precipitation in daily life and diet. This oxidation enzyme is relatively keen on temperature performance, strong at high temperature, and weak temperature at low temperature. This occurs with snow nose. In summer, the nose of the dogs is usually in winter. After that, the nose changed with age and season.

Although the VIPs were short in their early years, there were obvious color differences in the position of a slightly gross root. This color difference is that Teddy genes and puppies have changed. The most common is that the hair tip is red and the middle section becomes lighter, but the color of the hair root becomes red. This shows that the puppy from breastfeeding (fully absorbing breast milk nutrition, red color) to the food change period (intestinal adaptation period, flora disorders, rejection absorption. The color becomes lighter) to completely adapting and absorbing dog food nutrition (color color (color color (color color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color (color of color (color (color of color) A process of red). This is why we say that if the dog is changed by the hair, it is possible for the dog to eliminate the tire hair and grow again, and it may be possible to improve. It can be seen that in addition to congenital factors, the nutritional absorption of the day after tomorrow also has a great impact on dogs.

What will cause red VIP nose and coat discoloration?

When it comes to diet, it is definitely necessary to talk about dog food. The reason why we do not recommend feeding dogs that we eat because many people eat foods for dogs. Essence Although we cannot guarantee that the nutrition of dog food must be balanced, at least most dog food is harmless to dogs, and the ratio of nutritional components must be much more balanced than ourselves. When the dog's hair color changes, you must also consider whether you usually feed whether it is reasonable.

How to maintain the hair

1. Usually feeding as much as possible with dog food, and can also add some seaweed powder to dog food appropriately, which helps to stable pigments and hair color.

2. Pay attention to being sorted out by the hairy ground. Regular sorting of hair can stimulate blood circulation, which is conducive to capilication and improvement of hair quality.

3. For dogs with severe fading or skin diseases, vitamin B and vitamin C. Vitamin B can strengthen melanin, and vitamin C can assist in group B absorption.

4. Usually you can feed some snacks appropriately, but not too much. Don't be too salty for feeding foods, otherwise it will easily cause hair loss.