If you want to get close to a dog, you may start with the owner.

If you want to get close to a dog, you may start with the owner.

If you want to get close to the dog, you can have a good relationship with the owner

To be close to the dog, it is also important to master a certain method in addition to the personality factors of the dog itself. Dogs like golden wool and Labrador do not have to spend much energy, because they are more docile and like to be close to others. It seems that some strangers with a slightly cold personality seem to be so simple to get close to them, but recent studies have shown that it seems that dogs are more likely to accept such people who have a better relationship with the owner, so if you want to get close to the dog, you want to be close to the dogs close to the dogs. Then maybe we can start from the host.

Japanese researchers said that dogs do not like those who are very mean for their owners. If the dogs are not very friendly to the owners, then even if they take food to attract the dogs The dog's rejection, and the attitude of them will not be very friendly, which has a certain relationship with the loyalty of the dog and the level of the level. Because the serious owner of the dog is equivalent to their leaders. If the leader is not respected, it will make them feel unpleasant. The results show that dogs have social skills, and only a small number of species have this characteristic, including humans and some long animals.

Kyoto University, a professor of cognitive professor Fujita, led by Kazuki Fujia, divided 18 dogs into three groups for experimental analysis. They used role -playing methods to ask the owner to open a box. In the three test teams, the owner will match the strangers that two other dogs do not know. The owner of the first group will seek assistance from one of them, and the other party will clearly reject the owner's request. The owner of the second group will ask one of them for help, and the other party will be happy to help the owner to complete the work. The third parties in the above two groups are in a neutral position. They do not help or refuse to help. In the third group of control groups, both strangers and owners did not interact. After seeing the unpacking scene, the two strangers in the room will provide food to the dog.

If you want to get close to a dog, you may start with the owner.
Stretching the dog's neck or back is relatively safe

Professor Fujita said that the dogs who are seeing their owners who have been rejected are more likely to accept the food provided by neutral observer, and it is more likely to ignore the food provided by those who refuse to help. The dogs who have been assisted by the owner, and the dogs who do not interact with anyone, have no obvious preferences when they accept the snacks provided by strangers. The experimental results show that dogs are more insightful than we imagine. This discovery is very important for building a good relationship.

Therefore, if we want to be close to a strange dog, we can try to talk to their owners first. During the conversation, the language is as gentle as possible and shows friendliness. To a certain extent, dogs can be easier to accept themselves. Of course, in addition to fighting with the owner, the correct method is also necessary. To contact strange dogs, we try to lower the attitude as much as possible, which can reduce the pressure brought to the dog. If the dog does not resist the dog, it is best to touch the position of the neck and back. This will not only make the dog feel comfortable, but also stay away from the dog's mouth to ensure your safety.