What should I pay attention to when consigning pet dogs?

What should I pay attention to when consigning pet dogs?

Changing the owner's life in the city, going home from a long vacation, traveling with dogs, etc., all need to help the pet dogs check in. How can consignment ensure the safety and health of dogs? The following small series analyzes the precautions of pet dog consignment for everyone.

What should I pay attention to when consigning pet dogs?
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< strong > I. air transportation < /strong>

People who fly often must have heard of it, or experienced it personally: after arriving at their destination, they found that their luggage had been sent to other places by mistake. As a matter of fact, pets who travel randomly have been sent to other places.

Besides, because domestic airlines prohibit passengers from taking pets with them, the little guy who stays alone in the cargo hold must be so anxious and terrified. To avoid accidents and make them a little more comfortable, please refer to the following suggestions.

< strong>1. Arrive early < /strong >: It is necessary to consult and book the shipping space with the airline two days in advance. As the transportation of pets must be equipped with aeroplanes with aerobic cargo hold, booking the cabin in advance and arriving at the cargo office 3 hours before departure can ensure that your pets will arrive with you on the same plane.

< strong>2. Avoid squeezing < /strong >: First of all, we should prepare strong and durable special air boxes to transport pets. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for the packaging of live cargo, and on the other hand, it is also for the safety of pets themselves. Also, you can tape a plastic product above the air box, so as to prevent the carrier from pressing other items on the box.

< strong>3. Provide drinking water < /strong >: almost all air boxes will be equipped with drinking fountains. You can put the full drinking fountains into ice cubes in the refrigerator first, and then install them in the air box when you get on the plane, so you don't have to worry about the water being knocked over and the pets being tied up without water to drink.

< strong>4. Don't change planes < /strong >: As long as you don't change planes during the journey, it is much less likely that your pet will be sent to another place by mistake. If your plane takes off late, you can ask the cargo office to send your pet into the cargo hold later to ensure its safety.

< strong>5. Sedatives < /strong >: If your pet is easily nervous or irritated, you can consult a veterinarian first and buy some sedatives for him to take to help him ease his mood.

< strong > ii. railway transportation < /strong >

Except for a few cities, most domestic railways allow consigned pets, and the price will be much cheaper than air freight. However, first of all, you need to provide the animal quarantine certificate approved by the railway transportation department. Generally, the cost of inspection is around 20 yuan. Please consult the local railway freight transportation department for the quarantine location.

Railway transportation usually adopts tightly closed luggage compartment, although the owner is allowed to take care of it, it still can't solve the problem of high temperature in summer and severe cold in winter.