What if the puppy is full of food?

What if the puppy is full of food?

What should I do if the puppy eats? When buying a puppy from the dog market, many dog ​​dealers say that the puppy cannot be fed too much and can only eat XX grains a day. The editor has heard this kind of words no less than 10 times.

1. How many meals should dogs eat each day?

If you bring a puppy home, the puppy's stomach has not yet developed, so don't overdo it, and eat less and more meals.

Feeding frequency of dogs in different periods:

1~3 month old puppies, 4~5 times/day

3~4 month old puppies, 3~4 times/day

6~8 month old puppies, 2~3 times/day

Dogs after 8 months, 2 times/day

2. How much dog food should a dog eat in a day?

Feeding reference for different size dogs:

Weight 1-5 kg, 35-100 g

Weight 5-12 kg, 100-220 g

Weight 12-25kg, 220-420g

Weight over 25kg, over 420g

What if the puppy is full of food?

3. How to know if the dog is full? What should the puppy do if it is full?

Novice dads are better than moms. Although the dog is fed according to the reference every day, is the dog full? Don't worry, the editor has a coup here.

Three ways to help you determine whether your dog is full!

1. Observation method

If your dog is still restless, unhappy, and turns around you after eating, you may not have enough food.

If the dog appears satisfied after eating, wipes his face on his own, and wiggles his tail to the side to rest or play, it means he is full.

In addition, if the dog hides food, it means that there is too much food and the owner needs to pay attention.

2. Touch method

Every time you wait for your dog to finish eating, touch its belly with your hands.

The method of determination is:

When touched, if the dog's belly is balanced with the front ribs, it is slightly oval, indicating that the amount of food is just right;

If the dog's belly is very bloated, it means that the dog is eating too much;

Conversely, if your dog's stomach is still flat, then you can add a little more food to the dog because the dog is not full.

3. Look at bowel movements

The main thing is to check the dog's defecation.

What should I do if the puppy eats? In a normal diet, the dog's excrement should be moderately soft and hard and not sticky; if the excrement is found to be too hard and granular, it means that the amount of food is too small; on the contrary, if the excrement is too hard and granular

As an owner, we can appropriately adjust the dog's diet according to this standard.

4. What should I do if the puppy eats?

Don't panic, dogs have their own way of digesting, all you need to do is:

1. Comfort the pet and make it emotionally stable;

2. Put the pet on a flat ground, push the thumbs of both hands backward along the pet's two ribs slowly 30 times, and then gently massage the pet's abdomen with four fingers, without using force;

3. Crush two pieces of "Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablet", mix it with water or the pet's favorite food, the food must be less, massage and soothe all the time, and take it for a walk downstairs the next day.