What if a dog is stung by a bee?

What if a dog is stung by a bee?

Dogs were stung injured

Dogs have strong curiosity, and sometimes they also eat grass or flowers to help their intestines digest. Even if there are some bees on work on this flower, I believe they don't mind at all, then the ending can be imagined. Generally speaking, dogs are stung by bees. The problem is not very large, but it should still be dealt with accordingly.

1. Observe the severity

In most cases, there will be no big problems with cats and dogs. The first thing to do is to evaluate whether the cats and dogs have occurred more serious bite complications. Common mild symptoms include local swelling, redness, pain, etc. These are not very important. Severe symptoms include swelling of the whole body, urticaria, dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea, and shock. If the above conditions occur, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. In addition, if you find that cats and dogs are stung, you must check out if there are many bite on your body, because the more the number of stinging, the greater the chance of severe symptoms.

Second, help the dog take out the bee needle

After the dog is stung, you usually scratch or bite the painful skin, which can help you find the position of the sting. The bee thorns are usually translucent, so it may be difficult to find at the beginning that the place where the stinged will swell a bag. The bee thorns are located in the center of the bag. Essence

After discovering, use Xunzi to take out the bee thorns carefully. If it is difficult to remove, you must not squeeze the stinged parts, because this will promote the release of bee toxic; in addition, you should also pay attention not to destroy the bee thorns, which will also promote the release of toxins. If the bee thorns are deep, go to the hospital to ask the doctor to help take it out.

What if a dog is stung by a bee?
After taking out the bee needle, apply it with alkaline substance

Three, some simple treatment of stinging wounds

After removing the bee thorns, you can use a mild soapy water to clean the stinged part, then mix the soda powder into a small amount of water, configure it into a paste, and apply it to the part of the dog's sting, because the toxins released by the bee needle are mostly toxins are mostly the toxins released by the bee needle. Acidic, so it can be neutralized with alkaline objects. Note that the paste should be based on the surface of the skin that can be sticky. Do not be too thin or too thick.

Prepare an ice pack, or wrap the ice with a towel to make cold compresses on the stinged part. Cold compress has a paralyzed nerve effect. It can also reduce the pain of cats and dogs, and at the same time, it can also reduce swelling. Pay attention to apply for 5 minutes, slow for 5 minutes, and prevent the dog from frostbite. It is best to repeat the ice until the swelling is swollen. In addition, do not forget to bring the cats and dogs to prevent scratching.

4. Observe the dog's condition

Within 24 hours after being stung by bees, they need to observe closely whether there is serious complications. Although the probability is small, the owner still cannot take it lightly. If severe swelling or urticaria occurs, you need to contact the veterinarian to consult if you can use some over -the -counter anti -group amines to reduce the dog's allergic response.

If the symptoms are still not eased after a few minutes, you need to take the dog to the hospital immediately. Doctors will prescribe some anti -group amine or glucocorticoids to help cats and dogs over crisis. For dogs who are stinged in the mouth and nose, they need to pay more attention. Pain and swelling will be more severe, and sometimes it will affect the dog's breathing. Therefore, once the problem is found, it should be sent to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.