What are the taboos of dog training?

What are the taboos of dog training?

What are the taboos of dog training?
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Different breeds also lead to some differences in dogs' IQ, so for different breeds of dogs, the energy we need to pay in training will be different. Therefore, we should not think that all dogs can easily complete the training, which is unrealistic. Some owners made some wrong actions in dog training just because they didn't have patience, which backfired. So let's talk about the taboos of dog training and try to avoid them.

1. Don't severely punish the dog, and don't hit it with something it bit.

2. Don't yell at the dog just because it doesn't obey, it will only make him more confused.

3. Don't chase dogs, which will make naughty dogs more excited and timid dogs in danger because of excessive fear.

4. Don't force a dog who can't understand the password for a while, because high pressure may make him give up on himself.

5. Don't lift the neck chain upwards, it will hurt the dog's neck and even cause life danger.

6. Don't keep it alone in a small and dark space. Think about the feeling of being confined by your kindergarten aunt as a child.

7. Don't punish the dog who got into trouble afterwards.

8. Don't punish it by cutting off food and water.

Training dogs should be patient. Different dogs have different obedience and IQ, so it's normal to have difficulty or difficulty in training. Never beat them because of their poor performance, which will only make them fear you and further away from you.