What are the manifestations of pine lion's lack of vitamin C?

What are the manifestations of pine lion's lack of vitamin C?

The cute Chow Chow Dog is always the favor of people? So when Chowish dogs have grown slowly, and these conditions are decreased, what happened to our lovely dogs? Today, I will take everyone to see everyone to see See, what's a lack of Chow Chow?

Chow Chow

What are the manifestations of pine lion's lack of vitamin C?
Chow Chow Dog (detail introduction)

If you find that your own chopsticks grow slowly, lose weight, and symptoms such as blood in the feces and urine, you must be careful whether your chopsticks have suffered from vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is also called anti -hemorrite. It is an important nutrients that maintain animal growth and development and metabolism. Its deficiencies can cause symptoms such as scurvy disease. The main features are characterized by the increased bleeding caused by increased capillary. Here are the specific manifestations of these symptoms, diagnostic methods, and some methods to supplement vitamin C.

The lack of vitamin C light will make the growth of chopsticks slow, tachycardia, and weak constitution, bleeding in mucosa and skin, and often mixed with blood in feces and urine. The gums are red, swollen, smooth and fragile, often infected with secondary infections, forming ulcers, limbs pain, and long bone bone bone swelling. Moreover, it will also lack vitality in spirit, do not like activities, and often become very sensitive to the surrounding environment. If you have a little movement, you will look irritable.

In this mild lack of vitamin C, it is necessary to let Chow Chow eat more fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C, tomatoes, fruits, and animals' liver, kidney and other foods. In addition, dog animals can also synthesize the vitamins required by themselves, so there is no need to take medicine in this case.

In addition, when Chow Choi is in pregnancy, bleeding, or suffering from chronic consumer diseases, the body will also increase the consumption of vitamin C; especially when suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and liver disease Vitamin content.

When the lack of vitamin C is more serious, the symptoms of the chosal body will be manifested as the fragility of the capillaries, the bone loss, the skeletal will soften, it is easy to deform, and even fractures. Under the examination of X -ray, it is found that the osteoporosis, the long bone bone bone end of the calcification zone becomes thickened, the bone cortex becomes thinner, and the bone beam is small.

At this time, if you are diagnosed with severe vitamin C deficiency, you should take treatment methods that improve food nutrition and treatment drugs as soon as possible. First of all, to ensure that the daily food of Chow Chow is rich in vitamin C. At the same time, take oral vitamin C150 to 300 mg of chopsticks every day for three times. If necessary, you can use intravenous injection, and inject it once a day with a dose of 100 to 200 mg.