What about a broken dog?

What about a broken dog?

What about a broken dog?
Pentian (detail introduction)

Don't think that such things are far away from dogs. In fact, for dogs, especially for small dogs, fractures are one of the accidents that are very easy to happen. First of all, we must strengthen the awareness of prevention. Secondly, we must understand how to avoid dogs avoid dogs. What to do if the fracture and dog fracture.

The accidental car accident, collision, pressing, fighting, artificial blows, etc. can cause dog fractures. In addition, there are pathological fractures such as osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, and osteosoma. Fractive fractures and fracture fractures; closed fractures and open fractures. In the usual breeding process, we must pay more attention to calcium supplementing the dogs, and do not let the dogs do some dangerous movements to avoid unexpected fractures. If you really meet a dog fracture, don't panic, follow the steps:

1. Emergency treatment

Emergency treatment should be performed at the place where the fracture or complications caused by fracture or complications during movement. Emergency treatment includes bandaging and hemostasis. Use cloth strips, bandages, ropes, etc. to stop bleeding above the wound, and then fix the fracture parts such as wood or branches. It should be noted that the above items should be used as clean as possible to prevent secondary infections. Then send the dog to the pet hospital for follow -up treatment

2. reset and fixation

Need veterinarians. First of all, you must make local anesthesia for the dog, and then reset, traction along the axial remote end of the limbs, and straighten the fracture of the displacement, so that the two breaks can be correctly reset. At this time, you should pay attention to whether the limb shaft is normal and whether both limbs are the same.

The method of treating fracture reset fixing is divided into two types: external fixation and internal fixation.

1. Fixed external: Generally only use it in the limbs. The method of use is the Tangma frame, pressure plate and quick -drying gypsum. When fixed, fill in cotton or cotton pads to prevent friction.

2. Internal fixation: According to the position of the fracture, bone plates, bone nails, bone screws and steel wires are often mixed. After fixing, minimize exercise, and exercise appropriately after 3-4 weeks.

Three, postoperative recovery treatment

The chicken is leather and the dog is bone, and it is not too worried at this time. Try not to let the dog exercise in the early stage of restoration. You can eat some anti -inflammatory, analgesic, bone injuries, and nutritional drugs.