How much is deworming for dogs?

How much is deworming for dogs?

How much is deworming for dogs?

Dogs are in contact with the outside world every day, and they are likely to be infected by parasites. Dogs that infect parasites will perform different performances due to their different physical fitness. The health of dogs, we need to repel deworming for it.

When it comes to deworming, it must be said to be deworming. At present, there are many types of insect repellent medicine on the market. Most of them are some broad -spectrum deworming medicines. This drug is used to prevent parasitic diseases. In this way, this is more suitable for the treatment of dogs that have been determined by parasitic disease. The following editors will take a brief understanding of the types, prices and usage methods that are more common on the market.

1. Worship the Ery of Pets Qing

Piraonone is a common type of spectral deworming medicine. It is safe and efficient. By worshiping the pets is a oral medicine composed of piramone and some other auxiliary ingredients. The effect is better and obvious. It can effectively kill 99.9%of the intestinal tract. Parasites, if there are worms, can be administered again after two weeks, and can easily eliminate the parasitic army.

Price: Different purchases and different cities are different. Usually 10 ~ 20 yuan per tablet. According to the weight of dogs, consume one or half a piece at a time.

Two, Lei Mi high deworming one clear

Non -Banger, also known as benzene sulfur, is a variety of broad -spectrum deworming drugs. It mainly produces insecticidal effects through sugar metabolic activities that affect parasites. Essence The main ingredient of Remy Gao Daorwa is non -Bangol. Because of its affordable price, convenient oral and cost -effective, it is loved by consumers.

Price: Different purchase methods, usually the price floats 2 ~ 10 yuan/piece. When dogs are used, the dosage is different depending on the weight, usually in half or a piece. Large dogs may be three to four.

Three, EHD Pet Anda 100

The main ingredients of Pennalda 100 are pyraryl, feenzolzole, and bisotro with hydroxyl acid. These three types are widely spectrum deworming drugs, but the mechanism of deworming drugs is different. Therefore At the same time, there are more parasitic species. EHD Pets Anda 100 is also a dog's oral drug, so it is more convenient and effective when the dog's epidemic prevention is deworming at home.

Price: 20 ~ 30 yuan/box, 6 pieces/box.

The above introduces several commonly used oral broad -spectrum deworming drugs. For conventional epidemic prevention, insect repellent can be taken at home by themselves. Of course, it is also needed or vaccine for parasites in the body. Because of the drugs of injections, it is recommended that you go to a professional veterinary hospital for injection. After all, the deworming medicine is a "poison". It is easy to master the dose during orally. The injections need to have a professional veterinarian, otherwise it is likely that improper reactions will occur.