Twelve things that dogs hate the most, things that dogs hate.

Twelve things that dogs hate the most, things that dogs hate.

Some dog -raising pet owners will have a problem. Why do dogs always feel ignorant when I interact with dogs? Xiaobian answered here: In fact, dogs, like humans, have their own emotional senses, things they like, and something they don't like. It may be that this action is that this action is intimate with the dog, but it is different in the eyes of the dog, and it is hated by it. Therefore, the editor of today talks about the twelve things that make the dog hate the most. Come and see if you often do it to the dogs.

1. Hug

Humans often see that Wang Xingren's first reaction is to embrace hard, but in fact, most Wang Xing people don't like it. Because dogs have no hands, in their world, they think hugs are "control", and of course some dogs also like it!

2. Hate your head

Acknowledge it! Do you often touch the head of Mao's child? Can you accept it suddenly by others? The same, dogs don't like it!

3. Pulling the rope too tight

Dogs can understand the owner's feelings and thoughts through the rope; if the owner holds the rope too tightly, it means that you are under pressure, which will make the dog feel uneasy. Try to hold the rope as much as possible to let the dogs know that everything is good, and they can be calm.

4. Forced dog interaction

Dogs have people who like it, and of course there will be people who hate! If you take a child to walk out to meet other dogs today, do not make friends with other dogs who force yourself, because they may be scared, or they do not want to interact at all. If the owner did not find that Wang Xingren didn't like this, it might make fierce moves, like bite.

Twelve things that dogs hate the most, things that dogs hate.

5. It is difficult to understand the password

The owner may often hold the dog and start a long story, but the dogs are actually unable to understand most of the words ... We may only understand a few keywords, so the owners should pay attention to it, they can be right, they can be right again. Add a few more gestures when talking, so that they will know what the owner is talking about.

6. Being straight eyes

As long as the owner wants, he can always stare at Wang Xingren's eyes to communicate with emotion, but if it is a stranger on the road, it will not work. Attack may trigger the dog's fierce reaction.

7. No rules

Master! Don't think that "rules" will make Wang Xingren unhappy! In fact, Wang Xingren likes rules very much, because they can feel that they are led, they will feel that things become predictive, and they can reduce their doubts and pressure on things.

8. I feel boring

Can you accept boring? If not, it is not possible to get a dog if you want! For pets, the biggest nightmare is to meet an owner who does not want to accompany it. Since you decide to raise pets, you should spend more time to accompany it instead of ignoring it when you get out of get off work. Remember, the most loyal partner "Dog" of human beings has been waiting for you to go home to play with it, please love it well.

9. Go out for a walk but not smell and explore

When the owner takes the dog out for a walk, he should walk slowly and relaxed, instead of being very like a hurry, and hurriedly ended for a walk home. You can spend some time when you walk to make the dogs smell everywhere and explore the surrounding environment.

10. Tension

In fact, dogs are easy to feel nervous. If the owner is nervous, the dog will be more nervous; if you want the dog to calm down, then you must calm down yourself.

11. Bath

Many dogs hate the most is to take a bath! One of the reasons that dogs hate taking a bath may be that "the bathtub is uncomfortable too slippery." Therefore, the owner can try to put a sliding pad at the bottom of the bathtub, and then use the hair to wash the dogs specifically for the dog, and ensure that it is warm water, not overheating, otherwise they will be hot.

12. It is in a strong smell of nose

Dogs are very sensitive to taste, and they don't like to stay in a strong environment. So if you want to use anything with a strong taste, you should wait for them not to use it.

These twelve things are things that dogs hate, hoping to help everyone.