Treatment of red eye in dogs

Treatment of red eye in dogs

Find the corresponding cause before processing

When the dog's eyelids appear red and swollen, the surface of the eyeball is covered with bloodshot or bleeding, we can all call them cod red eye. This problem can be large or small. Ordinary eye inflammation or severe glaucoma may cause this problem to cause dogs.

Under normal circumstances, some dog's eyes often appear red bloodshot, so many owners do not care too much about this problem, because this phenomenon will recover by themselves in two days. However, if the phenomenon of red eyes lasted for many days and did not improve, he would take a dog to the hospital for related examinations to prevent the disease from developing the eye.

1. Related causes of dog red eye

The red eyes of the dog are the symptoms that the dog owner is easy to observe in appearance. There are many reasons for red eyes, including eyeliditis, combination of membraneitis, keratitis, sclemers, in front of the eyes, and bleeding from the premise in front of the eyes.

2. What are the symptoms of dog red eye disease

1. In addition to the redness of the eyes, the clinical symptoms of the sick dog have different symptoms according to different causes. However, if two larger blood vessels appear on the sclera (commonly known as white eyes), it is usually normal.

2. In addition, dogs have slight congestion in exercise, training, or in a more excited state, which is also a normal phenomenon.

Three, Diagnostic Methods of Dog Red Eyes

1. Incorporate test: If there is an unknown red eye disease, you should first use the intraocular pressure meter for testing.

2. Bacterial culture and anti -medicinal test: If pus -like secretions appear on the surface of the eyeball, and the effect is not obvious after preliminary antibiotic treatment, this test should be performed.

Treatment of red eye in dogs
If you try to handle it, you will not improve it as soon as possible to the hospital for examination

3. Cytology test: You can collect the secretions on the surface of the eyeball to apply it, dye, and then understand whether there are special cell changes through micro -shop.

4. fluorescent dyeing: You can use fluorescent test strips to dye special colors on the eyeball to learn about whether there are corneal ulcers.

5. Tear test strip: It is mainly to see if the secretion of the eye tears is normal.

6. Eye ultrasonic test: You can initially understand the problem of the surface of the eyeballs in the eye, and you can also use it to understand whether there are tumors inside the eyeball.

Four, the treatment of dog red eye

1. This disease needs to be treated depending on individual conditions. For example, canine conjunctivitis and glaucoma need to be paid enough attention. If it is left without any, the condition will continue to cause serious impact on the dog's vision and even blindness. However, it is usually necessary to put on Elizabeth's neck circle. Most dogs will scratch because of uncomfortable eyes, which increases the chance of infection, so it is very necessary.

2. Deep corneal ulcers or severe glaucoma may require surgical treatment. In addition, the environment should be kept clean, especially when the drugs you use contain steroids, it should avoid dust particles in the environment.

Generally, the red eyes of dogs are mostly caused by irritating inflammation. Choosing the appropriate eye drops can basically recover for a period of time. If you still have no effect after using several eye drops, it is better not to try it to go directly to the hospital for examination.