Treatment of oral foreign bodies in Samo dogs

Treatment of oral foreign bodies in Samo dogs

The 2-month-old Satsuma was still normal when he was at home in the afternoon. After having lunch, he found that he had shortness of breath and retching. He came to see a doctor.

I. Case introduction

Name of the affected dog: Jindoudou Sex: Male Weight: 4.5kg Breed: Satsuma Age: 2 months old Immunity status: Just received an injection of imported vaccine.

Chief Complaint: Jindou vomited once in the afternoon, spit white foam, and panted short of breath.

Inquiry: I usually feed dog food, but I ate pig trotters at home at noon, and my bowel movements were normal before.

Sick Samoyed, depressed

2. Diagnosis

1. Basic examination: The body temperature is 38.9°C, and the respiratory rate and heart rate are acceptable.

Treatment of oral foreign bodies in Samo dogs

The infectious disease test result of the sick Satsuma Jindoudou was negative.

2. The palpation examinations were all negative for infectious diseases.

3. Diagnosis

Under X-ray, there is a foreign body in the deep part of the oral cavity, and the shape of the foreign body is wedge-shaped.

The X-rays showed a wedge-shaped object deep in the mouth, and the stomach became larger and contained a large amount of

4. Disposal methods

It is determined from the X-ray that the foreign body is located in the deep part of the oral cavity. After drug sedation, open the mouth to determine whether the foreign body can be clamped out with long forceps. If the animal reacts strongly or the foreign body penetrates into the mucosa, the long forceps cannot be used to clamp it out.

Immobilize the affected dog and test the position of the foreign body with fingers

Removed foreign body, bone

After the foreign body was removed, the mental state improved

Three, what can't be fed to puppies

Because puppies always show insufficient food, they always make some owners feel poor, so they will be fed some human food, which include meat (including cooked meat suitable for human consumption), bones (chicken and duck bones)

Meat: The digestive system of puppies is not perfect. After feeding meat, some dogs will have diarrhea symptoms.

Bones: Puppies eat faster, and the bones they are fed are likely to be swallowed without chewing.

For snacks, chocolate, xylitol, nuts and fruits were found during the admission process, and most owners knew that they could not be fed to dogs and cats.

Human meals: Because the meals eaten by humans contain a certain amount of water, dogs and cats have less demand for water after eating. At the same time, for dogs such as Poodles and Teddy, who are prone to double rows of teeth, eat human food, and their teeth cannot be chewed.

Reflection on the case: During the admission process, the main types of foreign bodies in the esophagus and oral cavity are bones, socks, edges of slippers, plastic bags, etc.

1. The owner's curiosity and intolerance.

2. In the period of puppies changing their teeth, in addition to being curious about the outside world, puppies also have the bad habit of chewing on things and stealing over trash cans.

3. When you go out for a walk, steal food discarded by others.

The measures to solve the above problems are mainly to strengthen the confidence of the pet owner, not to give the pet the opportunity to eat indiscriminately; to take away the garbage at home in time, to take away the toys that the pet can bite or tear, and it can be appropriately restricted.