This kind of VIP dog must learn three basic movements.

This kind of VIP dog must learn three basic movements.

This kind of VIP dog must learn three basic movements.
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We all know that dogs don't understand what people say and the meaning of every word, but they are very sensitive to people's tone and gestures. The training purpose of dog-watching is to make him do some funny little tricks to bring fun to the dog owner and his family.

< strong> 1. Sit down < /strong >

This is a part of training combined with other subjects. After hearing the password, the trained dog is required to sit down quickly and correctly, and it can persist for a certain time.

During training, let the dog stand on the left side of the owner, give the "sit" command, lift the collar with the right hand, and press the dog's waist corner with the left hand. When the dog is forced to sit down under this mechanical stimulation, it should be rewarded immediately. After repeated training, the dog can develop the action of sitting down. On this basis, combined with gestures for training. If you sit on the front, your right arm will stretch flat forward, your forearm will be vertical upward, and your palm will form an "L" shape forward. If sitting on the left side, pat the left abdomen with your left hand. If the dog has been able to "sit" well, it should also be gradually trained to extend its sitting time, from 3-5 seconds to more than 5 minutes.

< strong> 2. Lie down < /strong >

The action of lying down should be carried out after the action of "sitting" is learned. During training, two methods can be used: first, the owner is on the right side of the dog, facing the dog, holding food with his right hand, slowly moving from the top of the dog's mouth to the bottom, giving the command to lie down at the same time, and pulling the leash downward for stimulation. At this time, under the stimulation of food and machinery, the dog can make the action of lying down. When the dog lies down, it will be rewarded with food in time. In the future, with the formation of conditioned reflex, rewards and incentives will be gradually cancelled. Another method is to let the dog get off, the owner should crouch down, hold the dog's forelimbs with both hands, stretch forward, and press the dog's shoulder blades with his left arm, so that the dog will be trained in a certain distance in combination with gestures, so as to improve his level of action, extend his command distance, and be able to stay down for more than 5 minutes according to his master's password and gestures.

< strong> 3. Stand < /strong >

During training, the shilling dog sits down, then gently pulls the leash, giving the "stand" command and gesture (right arm stretched out in the dog's direction, palm up). When the dog stands, it will be rewarded. The owner should gradually leave the dog's side, so that the dog can stand longer. On this basis, gradually develop the ability to stand by gestures or passwords and last for a certain period of time.