The dog has the same root?

The dog has the same root?

Cat and dog ancestors may be the same

Whether it is appearance characteristics or life characteristics, cats and dogs can be said to be a very different existence. However, some scientists say that cats and dogs have a common ancestor, and I believe that most people are skeptical of this conclusion.

1. Unearthed fossils are suspected to be cats and dogs ancestors

1. mammalian fossil

Previously, the British "Daily Mail" reported that Belgian scientists discovered an ancient mammalian fossil, and according to relevant information, the abundant creature may live in a humid forest about 55 million years ago. This fossil is dominated by ankle bone, with about ten pieces of fragments. This species is also named Dormaalocyon Latouri, which is the name of the Belgian village that is unearthed. So scientists took this fossil restoration diagram showing that DormaalOcyon is a tree -habitory of about 10 kilograms of weight, mainly using smaller mammals and insects, and looks like a small American leopard and squirrel.

Studies have the same blood -based Perliologist Florelia Sol studying that many kinds of mammals, such as cats and dogs, lions, and bears, are the same as a kind of unknown trees -like mammalians. Blood system.

By analyzing nearly 14,000 teeth in the area where the fossil unearthed here, a total of nearly 40 mammals species were found, and 280 new teeth were originally from the same unknown new species.

The origin of this species is early, and it is found from the unearthed teeth that its appearance is very primitive, so it is likely to originate in a very early period. These facts suggest that the origin of the unearthed and carnivorous animals is very close, and this origin is likely to be likely It happened in Europe.

From the unearthed ankle bone fossils, Dormaalocyon is a kind of animal that is suitable for running in a humid forest, which is also consistent with the natural environment in local history. Professor Sol said that "Dormaalocyon provides the largest dinosaur disappear about the evolution of placental mammals after the disappearance of dinosaurs, so that scientists can put forward that they are likely to have diversified assumptions in the late ancient new world.

The research and understanding of Dormaalocyon is very important for rebuilding placental mammals to meat food diet. In other words, there are more fossils to be discovered, so as to unveil the origin of the origin of these largest families.

The dog has the same root?
The habit of cats and dogs is large, so it must be different

2. When to enter human life

1. Time to enter human life

As a domestic animal, the appearance of a cat is later than the dog. Dogs had entered human life in 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, and cats slowly entered human life in about 5,000 years.

2. The trace of the cat's cat

From ancient Egypt, there are domesticated cats in ancient West Asia. Ancient Egypt and the temple ruins in the city of Nile and the temple ruins in the city of the base of the Nile can be found.

3. Cat domestication traceability

Some experts believe that the earliest domestication cats were Egyptians, about 3600 years ago. However, the discovery of genetics and archeology pointed out that cat domestication may occur in the fertile moon bend of 10,000 years ago, that is, when agriculture starts to develop.

Three, a large difference in cats and dogs

However, there is a big difference in living habits and personality, so there is a big difference in living habits and personality, so it needs to be treated differently. Although there are many common contents between the two, there are still obvious differences in details. Therefore, you must have enough understanding of them to better raise them.