The difference between Alaskan Malamute and Husky

The difference between Alaskan Malamute and Husky

Alaska sled dog (detail introduction)

The difference between Alaskan Malamute and Husky
Husky (detail introduction)

AKC Standard:

Alaska sled dogs and Siberian sled dogs were recognized by AKC in 1935 and 1930, respectively. It is learned from the AKC standard that these two dogs have not undergone any hybridization. They are authentic, ancient, authentic purebred dogs, and they are natural masterpieces.

"Wolf" is also different

Even if it is a wolf, the body is different. Under normal circumstances, Alaska sleighs more than six or seven centimeters than Siberian sleds, and the weight difference is greater, sometimes even more than 20 kg. Therefore, I like to call them Malamute Maramus and Husky Husky. In fact, this is caused by their working nature in the snow. With the help of tall and burly body, Malaysia can drag heavier sleds, and does not need to show a particularly fast speed. The balance of strength and endurance is extremely important; Xiao Ha is born with a slightly lighter sled, matching the strength of the body, matching the body's strength , Medium speed and ultra -long endurance, the three are perfectly combined. These factors make the difference between their physical forms. Malaysia is like a strong man, and Xiaoha is much more exquisite.

Malaysia's most ideal body type: male shoulder height 25 inches, weighing 85 pounds; female shoulder is 23 inches height and weighs 75 pounds.

Xiaoha body type: male shoulder height 21-23 inches, weighing 45-60 pounds; female shoulder height is 20-22 inches, weight is 35-50 pounds.

Weight and height need to be coordinated. This is the limit of their height and weight. It is not excellent outside of this limit and exceeds the upper limit.

Obviously, Malaysia does not specify the upper and lower limits here, giving people a relatively broad, while Xiaoha is much more strict. This may be a coincidence, but it reflects the United States' different breeding concepts, so it also produces the different body feelings of these two "wolves". It is not difficult to distinguish them with a distance.

The description of Xiaoha is very interesting: Although it is very alert, it usually lacks offensive and defensive awareness. How should this be understood? I am afraid that only those who have raised Xiaoha can truly understand. My understanding is: Xiaoha's alert exists just to satisfy its curiosity. It observes, judges and appreciates because of curiosity. Therefore, don't expect it to be a guard dog, it is a cheerful and doubtful "wolf".

In the final analysis, we can't confirm who is more like a wolf in Malaysia and Xiao Ha. Because of the evolution of human beings for thousands of years, they have long been transformed from wild dogs into a perfect partner of human beings. Whether the appearance or the heart, it is the kind of warm image when it is extremely cold. They are smart and strong, loyal and tough, and charm. If they are wolves, many people will be willing to dance with the wolf.

Alaska Squice and Siberian Squice Fast recognition table

Category Alaskan Squite Siberian Slash Dog

English name Alaskan Malamutesiberian Husky

Origin in Northeast Asia, USA

The shoulder height is ideal, the shoulder height, the male 25-inch, the female 23-inch hero 21-23 inches, the female 20-22 inches

Ideal weight, male 85 pounds, female 75 pounds, 45-60 pounds, female 35-50 pounds

The ear distance is relatively large and relatively small

Ear -shaped triangle, smaller triangle, larger

Eye apricot, brown apricot core, brown or blue

The head shape is relatively wide and relatively narrow

The tail is rolled down on the back, raising it like a sickle when excited

Friendly personality, affectionate, friendly, soft, independent