Symptoms and treatment of organophosphorus poisoning in dogs

Symptoms and treatment of organophosphorus poisoning in dogs

In life, most dogs have the habit of eating random foods. They may be curious, may be hungry, or they may be lack of nutrition. There are many things that are toxic or toxic canine, but it often cannot distinguish. In this case, if you do not let your dogs come into contact with or late, it is likely to cause poisoning. And organic phosphorus poisoning is one category. The so -called organic phosphorus poisoning is: toxic substances containing organic phosphorus are directly exposed to skin contact, respiratory tract inhalation and misuse, and misuse causes body poisoning. Severe patients can die due to coma and respiratory failure.


Organic phosphorus (or organic phosphorus pesticides) enters the body, mainly inhibit the activity of choline. Acetylcholine (acetylcholine is a kind of nerve low -quality, transmits information between synapses) released by choline nerve ending, and decomposes under the action of choline. The organic phosphorus can be combined with gallopase to generate galloproboline, while the abity of the gallhydrine can only occur, only extremely slow hydrolysis, and may occur for a long time. It is not possible to restore the effect of decomposing acetylcholine, which causes a lot of agglomeration to see a lot of choline sympathy, and the excessive excitement of choline energy nerves will occur.

Organic phosphorus poisoning


Organic phosphorus poisoning is that due to the chemical properties of the preparation, the type of animal, and the specific situation, the symptoms and degrees of the expressed are also very different. However, they are all symptoms of gallophylline nerves that are excessively stimulated by acetylcholine. They can be divided into three categories clinically:

1. Symptoms of poison -alkali samples (M samples): Before the sympathetic ganglia and fiber fiber, as well as the sympathetic gonadic nerve nerves such as the sympathetic gonads, can be excited as: Sudden appetite, saliva, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, urinary incontinence, narrow pupils, pale mucosa, difficulty breathing, increased bronchial secretions, and pulmonary edema.

2. Symphony of nicotine -like symptoms (N -sample symptoms): When the body affects nicotine -like samples, it can cause gallophyls such as gallophytic nerve nerves such as dynamic nerve endings and sympathetic ganglia in front of the sympathetic ganglia. However, too much in acetylcholine is paralyzed. The specific manifestations are: muscle fibrous tremor, rising blood pressure, decreased muscle tension (especially respiratory muscle), pulse frequency, etc.

3. Symptoms of central nervous system: This is the inhibitory of choline in the animal brain tissue, which causes excitement between the central nervous cells The excitement of the diseased animals, rising body temperature, convulsions and even coma.

Symptoms and treatment of organophosphorus poisoning in dogs
Organic phosphorus poisoning


For cases with excessive excitement of choline and nerve nerve, especially those who have realized water salivation, pupils shrink, muscle fibrous tremor, dyspnea, and increased blood pressure, etc., they should suspect that organic phosphorus poisoning may be performed. At the same time, combined with the history of the medical history, the choline enzyme activity is decreased to confirm the diagnosis.


1. Cut off the contact between animals and poisons or suspected poisons immediately. Poisoning caused by excessive doses such as external enemy cachines should be fully cleaned in time to avoid continuing to absorb and aggravate the condition. At the same time, drugs should be used as soon as possible.

2. Atto: Atto is a physiological antagonistic drug of acetylcholine, and it is a quick -acting drug, so it can quickly relieve the condition. But it only works for M sample symptoms. Dosage: 0.2mg/kg.

Definition of phosphorus: Definition of phosphorus is a choline resurrection agent, which has a significant effect on N -proof symptoms. Dosage: 20-50mg/kg

Commonly used phosphorus decomposition with Atto at the same time to detoxify.

3. Double -compound phosphorus: It is also a chiloin enzyme resurrection agent, which is effective for M sample symptoms, n -sample symptoms, and central nervous system symptoms. But the effect of chronic poisoning is not good