Symptoms and Judgment of Dog Fever

Symptoms and Judgment of Dog Fever

Symptoms and Judgment of Dog Fever
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If you find that your dog is not spiritual, and when the temperature is much higher than usual, you must first consider whether the dog has a fever. The most secure examination is to quantitative individual temperature for your dog. When the temperature of the dog exceeds 39.5 degrees Celsius, we can confirm that the dog is a fever. In addition, we can determine whether the dog has a fever through the performance of the dogs below.

1. Look at the spirit

When a dog is snoring and likes to lie on the stomach and other phenomena, you need to pay attention. Don't think that the weather is so simple and ignores the fact that the dog is sick. When you call your enthusiasm, you just use the corner of your eyes and shake your tail a few times. This must be physical discomfort. You must increase your vigilance and observe it!

2. Seeing appetite

The dog was uncomfortable, without spirit, and naturally there was no great decline in the desire of food. At most, he licked a few sips, and then lay down with melancholy.

Three, look at the nose

Once the dog's body is unwell, the warning of the nose will come quickly, dry and heat, which is definitely a manifestation of discomfort, but only this judgment is not a complete correct method. The heat is dry, but because there are many mucus glands on the dog's nose, it is still possible to secrete that the mucus keeps moist nose.