Special precautions for dog dressing

Special precautions for dog dressing

Special precautions for dog dressing

Nowadays, more and more parents will dress their dogs, and from pet websites to pet stores and even supermarkets, you can see the clothes prepared by businesses for dogs. When the owner buys clothes for the dog, in addition to the factors of fabric and size, there are also some special requirements that are easily overlooked and must be paid attention to.

< strong > First, the dog's clothing requirements in winter < /strong >

There are four types of dogs that need to be dressed to keep warm in winter: dogs with low fat content, puppies, elderly dogs and bitches who have just given birth. For these dogs, their cold resistance is poor. In order to keep warm, the owner had better dress them. Soft cotton-padded clothes are undoubtedly the best choice. As for the shape, color, etc., the owner can choose them according to his own preferences. The standard for buying clothes is that the dog will not feel bored after putting on clothes, nor will it affect his normal activities because the clothes are too big.

< strong > Second, the dog's dressing requirements after shearing in summer < /strong >

Usually, the owner shaves the dog in summer to dissipate heat, but some dogs will get sunburned. To avoid this, the owner can put on summer clothes with good air permeability for the dog. In addition, dogs can avoid catching cold in air-conditioned rooms by dressing.

< strong > Three-legged pants are very different from four-legged pants < /strong >

If you want to buy four-legged pants for your dog, you must know the data of your dog's neck circumference, chest circumference, back length, etc. accurately, because the four-legged pants are very demanding in size, and inappropriate size will affect your dog's daily life. Two-legged pants, on the other hand, need to pay special attention to the bust size of clothes. When the dog is big, it is easy for him to take off his clothes, but when the button is small, he can't buckle it.

< strong > fourthly, dogs of different sizes have different dressings < /strong >

1. Dogs with short necks are not suitable for wearing turtlenecks, because turtlenecks can make dogs breathe poorly and make them uncomfortable.

2. Short-legged dogs are suitable for wearing simple and casual clothes, and should not take a gorgeous and complicated route. At the same time, the owner should not choose clothes with too long cuffs for them, otherwise the dog will easily fall down because of stepping on clothes. In order not to make the short-legged dog look heavier, the owner should give priority to light and thin fabrics in the choice of clothing materials.