Six composition skills teach you how to shoot beautiful pets.

Six composition skills teach you how to shoot beautiful pets.

To take pictures of pets, we may not know what composition is. I will briefly introduce you to the six composition tips that want to take beautiful pet photos.
Skills I. Make good use of the golden segmentation (Jiugongge composition method)
Gold division, in fact, is to divide the picture as the Jiugong grid. It is more beautiful and comfortable than placing the subject in the center.

The picture is divided into nine grids and placed the subject at the cross point.

Some friends may ask: "When I usually take pictures, there is no reference for me at the Jiugongge. How can I make this composition?" In fact, many SLRs or DC (portable digital camera) can manually display the Jiugongge manually. Let everyone see in the view window. Different brands of cameras will collect settings in different places. You can find or refer to the manual first.
Skills II. Use the shallow scenery
The effect of "Qianqing and the Hurry", I believe everyone has seen it, this effect effectively highlights your pets from the background. But how does this effect be formed? It turns out that this effect is called "shallow depth of field". To achieve this effect, it depends on the four elements. Today we will say three of them:
1. Large aperture
When you adjust the camera, I believe that you have seen all seen by the camera F2.8, F3, or F5 numbers. In fact, these numbers represent the value of the aperture. Remember the two principles:
(1) the fewer numbers, the larger the aperture; (2) the larger the aperture, the shallow the depth of the scene (that is, the more hazy the background).
2. Long focal length
On the lens, there are often numbers such as 18 ~ 55mm or 35 ~ 80mm. This is the focal length. Another factors that cause shallow scenes are the focal length, and there are also two principles:
(1) the larger the number, the longer the focal length (also represents the farther the ZOOM); The shallow.
3. Far and near the lens, subject, and background
The lens, subject, and background distance also have a great impact on depth of field. Generally speaking, the larger the main body in the picture (the lens is close to the subject or Zoom), the depth of field will be shallower, and the farther the subject is from the background, and the depth of the field will be lighter.
Skills III. Use color contrast and background
The techniques of composition are ever -changing. In addition to the above two simple techniques, we can also use the surrounding environment to make cats and dogs more more protrude! Remember the following tips:
1. Choose a clean and simple background;
2. According to the color of your pet, choose the color background that can be compared with it You can highlight its form.

Six composition skills teach you how to shoot beautiful pets.
The choice of background is also very important

Skills 4. Invisible, even more prominent! Using the silhouette effect
Sometimes pets can't help shooting very dark in the backlight environment. Instead of using the flash to make up, it is better to take the silhouette effect to highlight the contour and shape of the pet!
Skills V. shape contrast effect
In addition to the color contrast of technical three, in fact, the shape and size can make the subject more prominent! Large contrast, small contrast, high contrast, etc. are also very good attempts!
Skills 6. Promoting features-full frame
Sometimes "lessismore" like advertisements say "lessismore". The photo contains smaller elements. The technique is to fill the subject with a picture, so that the characteristics of pets (such as green eyes, large noses, etc.) are highlighted!
Xiaobian briefly introduced the composition skills that will be used when shooting pets, hoping to make pet photography more interesting! In fact, the "composition" is implicitly measured in the art of photography, and it is not easy to master. Because the technique of composition is difficult to have no absolute law, the effect of the same composition technique can be different from other photos. It is recommended that novices understand the theory of the composition, and practice and integrate more as the best strategy!