Dogs sleep well in winter, and kennels are very important.

Dogs sleep well in winter, and kennels are very important.

With the decline in temperature, have you noticed that your dog no longer pant on the floor? Do they start to please you all kinds of pleasure, hug and touch or even sleep on your legs? Don't doubt, hurry up and take out the dog's cross -cotton nest. The dog needs a warm season!

Entering a pet shop casually, the cotton nest used in dogs for winter can be described as a variety of. Do you feel unable to start? Some owners may also let the dogs choose to see what they like. In fact, there is a certain skill in choosing a dog nest! I will tell you how to choose a nest that is best for your dog in many styles.

Advanced imported materials, anti -static, dogs are very comfortable to contact with them, unlike some inferior materials that can easily cause skin allergies.

1. Look at the material:
There are many fabrics of dog nest, including cotton, acrylic, velvet, etc. For curling and long hair dogs, it is best to choose cotton texture or blend fabrics (But the pure natural material content is relatively high.) The kernels with high material content), because the dog's nest of natural fabrics is not easy to generate static electricity, dogs stay in it, and dog hair is not easy to knot. For young or not trained dogs, at the beginning, small nests of acrylic or fluffy are used. Compared with cotton fabrics, the advantages of these fabrics are that they are easier to wash, and the velvet is also very warm and comfortable. The relative price is also low, and the cost is relatively high.

Dogs sleep well in winter, and kennels are very important.
Select the nest that suits your dog body, remember to confirm the nest before buying.

2. Measurement:
Before buying a dog's nest, the most important thing is to understand the size of your dog. Generally speaking, the choice of small nests 2 to 3 times larger than dogs is more suitable (the dog's straight body measurement). Some dog owners think that the smaller the nest, the warmer, the actually is a misunderstanding. The nest will only make the dog uncomfortable, especially for puppies. Standing, turning and lying down, there must be good ventilation so that the dog will be more comfortable while rest, and it is more energetic after waking up. If it is really not sure, it is recommended to take the dog to buy it together.

Remember to see the workmanship details of the nest when buying, and whether the design can be easily cleaned

Three, see the details:
Now in the dog's nest design, the designer's requirements for details are getting higher and higher, so now the dog's nest on the market is Beautiful, such as some kernel nest, in addition to cotton materials, the nest pads are also matched below to achieve waterproof effect. Once the cotton pad is wet or the dog is soiled, just wash the cotton pad appropriately. convenient. The design of some small nest pads is slightly depressed in the middle, which is to make the dog sleep more stable. There is also a small nest that can be used as a dog's nest and a sleeping bag for dogs.
In addition to the more perfect settings in detail, the design of the dog's nest in the shape is also very rich. For example, some dog nests are designed as a variety of cartoon shapes, such as fruit types, animals, flowers, etc., placed in place It is almost a cute "art" at home.

Open, semi -open, closed, and the style is so diverse, do you make you look at it?

Fourth, look at the style:
Now the style of the dog's nest on the market is roughly divided into two types: semi -closed and open. The open type can also be called a dog sofa, which is more suitable for dogs with larger body shape, while semi -closed dog nests are more suitable for small dogs with small size, less hair, and younger dogs.

I have trained dogs to sleep on their own nests since childhood

5. Choose a security nest
For puppies, training it is an indispensable lesson. You must know that if you lack certain training, many Even if the dog is still unwilling to sleep in a dog's nest even when it comes to adulthood, it will appear to sleep everywhere. This is not only not conducive to family hygiene, but also not conducive to the etiquette training of dogs. And training dog sleeping dog nests must start with puppies. When puppies play back from the outside, or to sleep, the owner can bring it to the door of the dog house, push it in with his hands, and use your idioms while using your hand. Send an order.
Once it performs obediently, you should immediately give it appropriate praise and stroke it gently. On the contrary, if the dog does not obey the order, the owner can aggravate the tone appropriately and forcibly push the dog into the dog's nest with his hands. Waiting for a period of time next to the dog's nest until the puppies left after falling asleep. Usually, once the dog is found to be sleeping elsewhere, the owner should stop it in time, so that after training for a period of time, the dog will develop the habit of sleeping for sleeping.
In addition, for dogs with poor adaptability, changing "new nests" is also a problem that makes the owner headache. Such dogs are usually unwilling to sleep in a new nest. At this time, you can, you can Try to put things stained with its smell, such as cushions, clothes, toys, etc., which can attract it to "home" well. When many dogs have new nests, they always like to bite this nest. It is actually familiar with this nest, but if accidentally, it may be bitten by it. Therefore, at first you should put a toy in the new nest so that the dog will not bite the nest.