Shave your dog's hair when it's hot in summer, right?

Shave your dog's hair when it's hot in summer, right?

Is it hot in summer? As soon as you enter the summer, everyone will feel hot and boring, and short -sleeved vest pants are also online. Dogs are also lying on the ground with weak tongue, looking down to see what they wear so cool. Can you also shave the hair and let the dog cool and cool? In fact, this idea is wrong.

1. Dog Mao Defense UV

Is it hot in summer? The ultraviolet rays in high mountains or snow are particularly strong, so dogs native to these places, such as various sled dogs and mountain dogs, have the function of defense of ultraviolet rays. Shaking in summer will make the dog's skin directly exposed to the ultraviolet line. In the hot afternoon, the direct exposure of the sun will increase the temperature of the dog's surface by 2-4 degrees, and it will have a high probability that it will cause burns, or even heat stroke. Essence

2. constant temperature

Is it hot in summer? The dog's hair has a certain function of isolating the external temperature and maintaining its temperature, so it is not so hot, and it is not so easy to cool when sleeping in the middle of the night.

3. Dog dog heat dissipation method

Is it hot in summer? Dogs are used to heat the tongue and foot pads, drink plenty of water, and shave the soles of the feet regularly, which is much more effective than shaving. Humans feel that it is hot, and the wind blows very cool because the human skin has sweat glands that can be dissipated by sweating, but there is almost no sweat glands on the dog's skin. Shavering hair is not helpful for heat dissipation. Therefore, shaving the dog not only cannot sun and heat dissipates, but also may cause various problems.

Shave your dog's hair when it's hot in summer, right?

Question 1: Easy to infect skin inflammation

After the dog was shaved with skin, it lost the most outer layer of protection. In the summer, not only could not prevent heat and cool down, but it was more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays. The skin is directly exposed to the air, and it is easy to cause itching and allergies under the effects of dust, pollen, and insect mosquitoes. When the dog feels itching, it will be scratched with your paws, and the dog skin is often scratched. Wounds are prone to inflammatory fungi.

Question 2: Damage of hair follicles

Is it hot in summer? If the owner shaves the dog, there is no pet push for pets, and there is no skilled technology. It is easy to damage the dog's hair follicles by yourself, so that the new hair of the dog will lose its gloss and unhealthy.

Question 3: It is easy to suffer from depression

In this case, many dogs exist. Because after being shaved or shaved, seeing that it looks unaccustomed, it will produce a strong sense of inferiority, and dog depression erupted. The common characteristics are loss of appetite, unwilling to go out, and strong aggressive; some dogs will have skin allergies and skin ulcers of varying degrees.

Is it hot in summer? Summer is the season when pet skin diseases are high. Even shaving should be 2 ~ 3 cm. If you shave, pets will feel uncomfortable and caught, causing skin diseases. If the dog is shaved for the first time, the owner can praise appropriately and be with it. In addition, pay attention to avoiding the dog out when the temperature is higher, pay attention to the dog's hygiene.