Prevention of post-holiday syndrome in dogs

Prevention of post-holiday syndrome in dogs

Prevention of post-holiday syndrome in dogs
Note that the Dog's Hall of the Hall is syndrome

During the New Year's time, it can be said to be a happy and worried time for dogs. What is worthy of being happy is that the owner can temporarily let go of work and have more time to accompany them to play with them; The sound of firecrackers and other sounds often shocked them. However, once the holiday is over, the dog will return to the original life, but often many dogs will produce certain uncomfortable adaptation, and some dogs even have post -holiday syndrome.

I. A frightened syndrome of the syndrome

Basically, dogs are not able to adapt to roaring firecrackers during the festival, or the New Year and visit of many relatives and friends. Therefore, the owner needs to comfort the dog with many snacks. After all, in the usual life, the dog has not experienced such a thing. It feels that it is reasonable. In fact, this is also a good opportunity to train dogs. In contact with some people and things that usually contact less, make the dog's courage to become bigger. In this way, the dogs that "through hundreds of battles" will be calm and calm when they encounter similar things.

After the Spring Festival, many dogs can't immediately relax from scare and fear, so the owners try not to take them outside as much as possible to encourage and appease them near the doorstep, in a short time. After that, the long time and distance are slowly stretched. When they slowly confirm that the surrounding environment is safe, the dog will jump out of the outside as usual.

2. Depression of the syndrome after the holiday

The time of the Spring Festival holiday is relatively long, so the owner will naturally have a lot of time to get along with the dog. But no matter if we take a few days off, we still have to return to the original work and study. Therefore, a sudden separation will cause some problems in the dog's heart; they have relying on their owners very much, and they are afraid of being ignored and not concerned about. Therefore, we can see ourselves every day every day, and we can't see us for a day, which will make the dog feel suddenly anxious, uneasy, and ignore, causing the dog's emotional depression. They vent their emotions will show strong destructive power, such as bite furniture, urination anywhere, biting clothes, etc., and make a mess at home.

If this happens, it is normal to let the dog understand it alone. So even during the holidays, we should not wait for the dog for a long time, and at the same time we should do some training of dogs with strong destructive power: for example, when dogs see parents in their clothes, they will be excited and barking. Wait. Then we should go out resolutely and decisively, don't hesitate, and don't just come back when we hear the dog's barking, so that they will only make them "get into the foot."

If the barking of the dog has not improved much, the parents will not be impatient and scold the dog loudly. You know, all the actions of the dog are telling you that it lacks a sense of security. Therefore, before we leave home, we can introduce dogs into cages, spread the dog's favorite towels, put the dogs that the dogs like, toys, and tease the dog for a while outside the cage. Guan cage training can make a sense of security dogs finding a sense of security; adult dogs that will destroy furniture when they are alone, and naturally cannot make bad anymore.

If time allows, we can also use half an hour before going out to play games with the dog. Let it consume some physical strength so that the dog will rest properly after home, so that the time to be alone is no longer so difficult. If there is sufficient time, you can also take the dog to run, walk, and exercise outdoors. In this way, dogs will slowly get used to such a life, which eliminates not only to eliminate dog anxiety, and you can also go out with peace of mind.