Must know common sense of dog sleep.

Must know common sense of dog sleep.

How long is the dog's sleeping day? How do dogs like to sleep? What is the quality of the dog's sleep? ... Do you know these questions? Let's take a look at the knowledge of dog sleep related to everyone!

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How long do you sleep a day?

Many parents do not know how long the dogs will sleep a day. They will worry about whether the dog sleeps too little or too much, which will cause poor sleep quality and affect your health.

In fact, the puppies' sleep time can be completely compared with children. The newborn babies are sleeping most of their time, and even when they are hungry and crying, their eyes are closed. The same is true of dogs who are just born, and can sleep at least 22 hours a day.

Adult dogs can also sleep for about 15 hours a day. Dogs are not fixed when sleeping, and you can fall asleep at any time 24 hours a day. Generally, when you are tired, or when you are busy, he will lie on your own side to find a warm little corner and start sleeping!

Editor's Tip : Although the dog does not have a fixed sleep time, it is usually time around or at two or three in the morning. It is better not to train or noise at this time. Wake up the dog, let the dog sleep well!

Must know common sense of dog sleep.

Do you know the dog's sleeping posture?

Friends who raise pet dogs know that the pose of dogs sleeping is always changing. What is going on? Dogs have learned the sleeping position, let's take a look together!

1. Dogs like to sleep at the owner's feet

Some dogs are very sticky, and wherever people go, they like to stay. If you are sitting at the table, or when you watch TV, it will also move around you, and you will like to be at your feet.

2. Dogs like to sleep in the head

If you look closely or lie on the same bed with the dog, I believe that when you are very big, the dogs are facing us with their buttocks, leaving us with a back, and their faces are rushing out. Why is this? According to detailed survey data, dogs think that there are places where the owner is relatively safer, and they are in trust in the owner. They will believe everyone very much. I don't think you hurt it even if you can't see it.

3. Dogs like to sleep under the table or a small space

Many dogs like to sleep under the table. This is because our house is too high to many dogs, and the space above is too large, which will make people feel insecure. Imagine that for us humans, staying on a roof is a few times the height of our house and it will definitely feel unsafe. For dogs, the height of the desktop is just suitable for its sense of security, and it will feel more practical when sleeping under the table.

4. Dogs like to sleep with things with their backs

The dog's back does not have long eyes, and it will also make it feel fears, anxiety, and unruly. The dog is on the back of the wall or something else, and then sleeps out of his face, you can also make the first reaction in danger.

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How to ensure good dog sleep?

1. Let the dog sleep at ease: For puppies, they generally like to sleep next to the owner to feel at ease, or let their friends sleep with it; adult dogs can be possible Properly relax the standard so that you can know that you can be in the room, so that you can make the dog sleep well.

2. Try not to disturb it: Parents may meet this kind of scene: I seeing the dog sleeping is very cute, I can't help but touch it, but the hand is in contact with the dog For a moment, the dog raised his head. This is the most common case of sleeping. The nature of dogs is still very vigilant when it is sleeping. As parents, they should try to avoid disturbing dogs.

3. Small nest for dogs: According to the different temperature and climate, you should prepare the dog's nest appropriately. Dogs do not need a pillow, so the flat nest is the most comfortable environment. When the temperature is relatively low, you can add some cold facilities. When the temperature is relatively high, the dog can sleep in a more ventilated place at home, such as the balcony. Another thing is that the dogs are very vigilant, and they naturally like to sleep in a relatively high place. The owner's nest for the dog can also enhance the quality of the dog's sleep at a proper height.

Can you sleep with the dog?

In theory, it is not recommended to sleep with a dog. Holding a dog to sleep may affect human health. Expert tips: It is not only animal with rabies with viruses, and dogs who look healthy may also have rabies virus.

Moreover, there will be some parasites and germs on dogs. The fur of animals is the best parasitic place for mites and fleas. It is easy to infect all kinds of skin diseases with a dog. Pets also have intestinal parasites, large nematodes, etc., once infected, may cause enteritis. Some bacteria on pets may be the cause of asthma, especially women must stay away from pets during pregnancy, otherwise they may cause problems such as miscarriage and fetal malformations.

After reading this article, do you understand the relevant knowledge of dog sleep? Dogs have good sleep is an important condition for ensuring health. Parents should pay attention to providing a good sleep environment for dogs.