A dog is too lonely, analysis of common problems of keeping two dogs at home

A dog is too lonely, analysis of common problems of keeping two dogs at home

The owners who like dogs will definitely feel that a dog's company will be enough, so they will consider finding a partner for the dog to accompany them to spend time at home. But how can we allow the original dog baby to accept the new dog? In fact, dogs also have their own consciousness, let Xiaobian tell you how to correctly introduce dogs to make new partners.

It is important to understand the habits of good dogs before breeding two dogs

I. It is best not to raise two same -sex dogs
1. You better buy a heterogeneous dog. If it is a same -sex dog and it is public, you can't avoid the two of them. Because male dogs will always fight because of occupying the site or fighting for the love of the owner.
2. First of all, you have to choose heterosexual dogs, and the two dogs should not be too old. Otherwise, dogs with large body shapes will bully the dog with a smaller body than him.
3. At the beginning, you have to determine a dog as the boss of your dog. It is recommended to choose a dog who goes first to your house. In the future, feeding, bathing, and playing, you must give it first, take a bath first, so that the dog understands that his status has not changed.
4. Your moves will make the new dog who brings home understand that his status is not as good as the original dog. He must respect the other party, but you also have to make him understand that you also love him very much.

A dog is too lonely, analysis of common problems of keeping two dogs at home
Two dogs are more likely to fight

Second, the common problems of the second dog home
1. The first dog excludes new dogs
The owner should not show too much care and care of the new dog in front of it Although this is difficult, it must be done. Especially don't ignore the love of old love because of the arrival of Xinhuan. To make it feel that you still love it, Xinhuan will not have much impact on it. After such a period of time, their relationship is likely to improve.
2. The first dog is too enthusiastic about the new dog.
Get the new puppy in a cage or fence. When they are familiar with and no longer have too many freshness, the owner will play together. After repeating this process several times, the two dogs can get along with each other.
3. New dog anti -customers
Acts for anti -customer -oriented such as new dogs cannot be soft, and new puppies need to be strictly disciplined, because this behavior has indicated that it has strong possessiveness and subjective consciousness. If there is no reasonable training, it will soon become difficult to control.
3. How to arrange two dogs to meet for the first time
1. After receiving the new dog to the home, give it an independent space. Dogs or cats disturb it and give it a day or two to let it adapt and know your new home.
2. The new puppy and the original dog at home meet. If the dog performs well, reward it. Don't ignore the feelings of the first dog.
3. Under your monitoring, let the two dogs get along and live for a while. Usually, if there is no problem within a week, you can rest assured that they live happily to live happily.
4. When choosing the second pet, you should try to choose a variety that is easy to get along with other dogs, such as Golden Retriever Finding Hounds, Labrador Hounds, Coco, Corley Shepherds, Sympae, Border Pedeor Dog , Samoyed Dog, Husky (detail introduction).