Matters needing attention in feeding golden retriever insect repellent

Matters needing attention in feeding golden retriever insect repellent

Golden retriever is a relatively common large dog. In the daily breeding process of Golden Retriever, it also needs to exercise frequently, but outdoor sports can easily lead to parasites in the golden retriever infection. So, which parasites are more likely to be infected with golden retriever? What problems should I pay attention to when feeding golden hair dogs?

Matters needing attention in feeding golden retriever insect repellent

1. Parasites that are common leading to golden hair dogs

Generally speaking, parasitic enteritis is often caused by tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, or balls. Due to the small intestinal cavity of the puppies and many parasitic insects such as tapeworms, puppies are caused by diarrhea, weight loss, and even vomiting, and insect eggs can be seen in the feces. Individual puppies can cause small intestine cases, or prolapse, which seriously affects the normal development of golden retriever puppies. Therefore, we must pay attention to the problem of golden retriever parasites.

2. Precautions for Golden Retriever Daewa

1. Do not take too much medicine.

Eat the deworming medicine every 3 months before 1 year old, once a year after 1 year old. If you eat it for a while, the golden hair does not need to take deworming medicine without pulling or vomiting. Eating too much insect repellent hurts the dog very much.

2. Do not over -overclavation

There are some dog owners who are afraid of giving goldels and puffed insects, fear of malnutrition of dogs, and supplementing calcium or nutritional products for dogs. Don't do this. Golden retriever is easy to CHD (hip development), and excessive calcium supplement is the biggest fuse of this disease.

3. Pay special attention to the mother's golden hair.

If your mother's golden wool is pregnant, it is best not to take methyl or sausage, because these drugs may hurt the small golden retriever in the dog's belly. If the parasitic parasites can also be destroyed (Ivechi), a subcutaneous injection can be used, and the dose is in accordance with the doctor's advice.