Do dogs need to be neutered?

Do dogs need to be neutered?

Many owners who raise Teddy dogs want to know if they do not have sterilized surgery for their dogs. If the owner does not intend to breed for breeding, it is best to sterilize for the health of the dog. There are many benefits to our teddy dogs that are sterilized by our teddy dogs, mainly the following points:

Do dogs need to be neutered?

First, the estrus is the reason for the high incidence. Teddy is very easy to lose. Everyone should know this. After sterilization, it is relatively easy to control and it is not easy to lose.

Second, the personality of the dog will be more irritable during the estrus, which is prone to spleen and hurting people. Small health can help animals overcome these problems. Greatly reduce the consequences of bite, destroying furniture or bad temper.

Third, after the sterilization surgery, not only does it not affect its smart and lively personality, but also more docile and obedient to the owner and understanding.

Fourth, reducing reproductive diseases, dogs that have not produced and unintended, and various reproductive tract diseases will occur in the elderly, such as uterine pus, prostate hyperplasia, and so on.

The best time for sterilization:

Generally, it is best to have the first time that the bitch is in estrus. The male dog will urinate and urinate, and the bitch who knows how to crawl across the scum is sterilized, because sex hormones are also good for growth and development. However, because many owners are afraid of the dog's sexual maturity and sterilize, some behaviors of dogs will remember some acts of estrus, so choose a sterilization before choosing estrus. If it is estrus, it can usually be carried out for 4-5 months.


When the bitch avoids the development period, it needs to be carried out after the estrus is over. The male dog has no time limit. Generally, it is best to be sent to a pet hospital. It is more appropriate to perform sterilization surgery by professional veterinarians, which will also reduce the occurrence of risk factors.