Let the dog get enough protein.

Let the dog get enough protein.

Pentian (detail introduction)

The healthy growth of dogs depends on the nutrition of food from food. If the food provided by the owner cannot meet the needs of the dog, the dog may have various problems. For example, under normal circumstances, the owner feeds the dog food to the dog food to meet the dog's demand for protein. However, because some owners will need to supplement the dog food or dogs to add additional protein, so let the dog take sufficient protein in protein It becomes very important.

1. Which foods are rich in protein

If you feed the dogs with professional dog food, you don't have to worry too much about the loss of protein in the dog. Protein in dog food usually meets the needs of dogs. However, if the dog is in a special period (such as pregnancy or illness, etc.), the owner may have to supplement some protein for the dog, but the specific amount to add should be judged by the veterinarian evaluation. Multi -protein is also harmful to dogs because of excessive protein supplement.

And the owner of the dog's homemade food should pay attention, many foods are rich in protein, but not all foods rich in protein are suitable for dogs. For example, although the protein content of milk is high, some dogs drink milk to drink milk May have diarrhea. The owner can choose to provide dogs, meat, eggs, beans, and some dairy products that can be used as dog foods according to the actual situation.

Let the dog get enough protein.

When preparing a fish for the dog, remove the fishbone to prevent the dog from being stuck or stabbed. At the same time, the owner should ensure that the fish is fresh and the source of safety. In order to prevent dogs from being attacked by parasites, the owner must do a good job of cooking.

Meats can also provide protein for dogs. In the process of cooking meat, the owner must add seasonings according to the needs of the dog, and the cooking method must be scientific. Many people now advocate feeding raw meat for dogs, but feeding raw meat for dogs is also opposed by many people. Opponents say that the parasites in raw meat may affect the health of the dog and therefore cannot feed the dog. However, supporters also have their reasons. After studying, some experts find that raw meat feeding can not only bring a lot of benefits to dogs, but also make the owner's breeding simpler. Why not? If you want to feed raw meat for his dog, the owner must ensure the safety of the meat and need to consider the problems such as parasites. If you have doubts, you can consult veterinary.

There may be many disadvantages to feed dogs with eggs, so is there no problem to feed dogs with cooked eggs? In fact, there are many precautions to feed the dogs with cooked eggs. For example, the cooking methods are particular and restrictions, and the owners must feed them according to the actual situation of the dog.

In addition, the owner can also feed foods such as soy milk and dairy products such as soy milk and dairy products. Similarly, scientific feeding should be scientifically fed according to the actual situation of the dog.

2. Supplement of dog intake of protein -related problems

1. What are the causes of dog protein deficiency

Insufficient intake is an important cause of the lack of dog protein, but in addition to this reason, excessive consumption of dog protein or obstacles to the synthesis of protein can also cause dogs to have protein deficiency. The real reason can solve the problem from the root.

2. The more protein supplement is, the better the better

The lack of protein is not conducive to the health of the dog, but if the protein supplement is excessive, it may also cause damage to the dog, such as obesity and the burden on the liver and kidney.