Key points of maintenance of various parts of pug dog

Key points of maintenance of various parts of pug dog

Bagu dogs are prominent in eyes, you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene

There are uncomfortable cats before, and now there is another unpleasant dog. The reason why the dog is popular is its unhappy expression. In fact, if you look closely, there are many things in common with the Bagu dog. The same face has folds, although the same looks more distressed, but the personality is Lotte. However, the special appearance of the Bagu dog also pays more attention to it than other dogs during care.

1. Eyes

Because Bago's eyes are highlighted and not like other types of dogs with large and prominent nose protection, Bago's eyes are very vulnerable. Pay attention to the dog's eyes every day, see if there is a constant blink and squinting, and see if there are white or gray ulcers on the eyeball or blindfolded by a white tissue. See if the eyeball is smooth and no. If the above situation is likely to be injured in your eyes, you can use physiological saline to clean it, or to prevent wound infection such as dripping chloromycin.

Even if it is not different, it is best to do cleaning for the dog's eyes on a regular basis to prevent problems before they occur.

2. Ear

The dog's ear canal is longer than humans, and the secretions of the ears are more secretion than human ears. In addition, Pasteo is relatively humid in the ear with many dogs with drooping ears, so their ears will be more likely to breed bacteria and Parasite.

Routine inspections should open their ears to see if there are red dots or abnormal secretions. At the same time, turning their ears every day can also increase air circulation to keep their ear canal dry. If you find that your ears are dirty or small red dots, you can use a small cotton swab to touch the ear to wash gently, but do not stuff it into the ear canal. If red dots and abnormal secretions continue to continue, it is recommended to find veterinarians to confirm the diagnosis.

Key points of maintenance of various parts of pug dog
In order to prevent skin diseases, it is necessary

Three, Nose

In the winter, it is recommended to apply a little vaseline to the nose to prevent the nose. Persist in wipes to clean the dog's nose folds every day. Every time you bring the baby baby from the outside, you need to clean their noses for them to ensure that they breathe smoothly.

Four, skin

Due to the many skin folds of the Pill dogs, especially their faces are easy to hide dirt. Therefore, we must deal with the dog regularly, and the dirt in the folds should be cleaned up. Otherwise, once the bacteria breed too much, it is very likely to cause dogs to suffer from skin diseases. Especially the folds around the nose under the eyes, because the "moisturizing" of the secretion of the eyes from time to time, the possibility of breeding bacteria is more likely.

You only need to check if these folds are lesions, such as red dot ulcers. It is usually simple to care, just wipe these folds carefully with a half -wet soft towel. It is enough about once a week. It can also be cleaned together during a bath.

The eyes of the Pay dog, short nose, and a lot of face folds. Such facial features can easily cause some organs to be violated by bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to clean up the Bay dog. Only by doing these foundations can dogs be guaranteed.