Keep a dog with the right attitude.

Keep a dog with the right attitude.

Keep a dog with the right attitude.
Raise dogs with the right mentality

The original intention of our pets is usually to add some entertainment and cultivate our minds. However, many people gradually deviated from their original intentions during the process of breeding dogs, and even became paranoid, and many people had many distorted concepts. We can treat dogs as our friends and even loved ones, but we should not do some radical behaviors because of dogs.

First, conflict for dogs and family members

This situation is a more common problem. It is usually because some parents oppose dogs, but their children are keen on dogs. Some children even claim to cut off relationships with them in order to fight against their parents. However, this approach will undoubtedly make our parents feel sad. In fact, we don't have to do such a radical behavior. We can let them know through other means that in fact, dog breeding also has many benefits. And many times parents oppose dog breeding for dogs. When they really contact the dogs, they will understand their cuteness, and they may show a completely opposite attitude. Maybe they show less love than you. In general, it is necessary to communicate with family members, try to let them accept it, or let them try to raise it. There may be unexpected changes. Do not use too extreme means to solve the problem.

Second, hurt others for the dog

Nowadays, people who raise dogs are not a few, and most of them love their dogs. Of course, protective shortness can be said to be human. If your dog disputes with other dogs, you will protect your dog under normal circumstances. However, in order to avoid conflicts, we should still learn to make some modesty, especially many elderly people value their dogs very much. They usually raise them as their children, and some elderly people are stubborn. It will be a little unreasonable. But the reason why many elderly people value their own dogs is because their children are not around all year round, so dogs have become their only sustenance. Therefore, we should also give understanding that their dogs who protect their own. Dogs conflict with them, and even hit people, this practice is very unwise. As the saying goes, take a step back in the sky and the sky. If you make proper concessions, you can get a good result. It is very advocated to hurt others for some small things.

Three, hurt yourself for the dog

There was such a news, a middle -aged man, who had only a thin dog in the past few years with him. Neighbors revealed that the man has always lived in the dark and humid rental house and is frugal in life, but often saves money to buy food for dogs. The dog is also very loyal, bringing endless joy to the lonely owner. But one afternoon, the dog went out with the owner. When crossing the road, a rapidly running electric tricycle knocked down the dog. Before the poor dog screamed, the wheels crushed from it, and the blood suddenly burst out. In the end, the dog could not be rescued due to injuries and was euthanized. After the dog left, the owner did not say a word. He returned to the rental house with a look of expression and smoked silently in the room. At the middle of the night, after he poured the pesticides of the "dichlorvos", he lay safely on the bed. Finally, the neighbors had died when they discovered.

Although we know that dogs are very important for him, and the departure of dogs is indeed a big blow, but suicide is a bit exciting. We can raise another dog, which may be difficult to start. After all, there is feelings, but in any case, this extreme approach is still not advocated. Raising dogs must have a good mentality, and do not do too much things because of the dog, so that you will deviate from the original intention of breeding pets.