Introduction of French Bulldogs

Introduction of French Bulldogs

The appearance of the French bulldog is a lively, smart, and muscle -developed dog. The bones are heavy, the hair is smooth, the structure is compact, and the body shape is medium or smaller. The expression looks vigilant, curious and interested. In addition to the removal of wolf claws, any changes to him are wrong and are lost.

Introduction of French Bulldogs
French bullfighting dog (detail introduction)

Proportion and symphony: All parts are evenly distributed, and the relationship between each part and other parts is very good. There must be no part of any part that appears to be particularly prominent or lacking, making the overall lack of symphony. Gender impact: Individuals with different gender, relatively wide requirements for females, are not as strict as required for males in terms of characteristics.

body shape

Weight: You cannot exceed 28 pounds. More than 28 pounds are lost. Proportion: The distance from the shoulder to the ground to the ground is properly related to the length from the horse shoulder to the tail roots, so it makes him look compact, very smooth, and well -proportioned. Physical constitution: muscles and heavy bones.


The head is large and square. Eyes: dark color, wide distance, low position on the head, the distance from the ear is as far as possible, the shape is round, medium size, neither sunken nor highlights. Light -colored dogs, the color of the eyes is slightly lighter. When he looks forward, the instantaneous film and eyes are not visible. Ear: It is the so -called bat ear, with wide roots, long, rounded, and the head is high at the head, but it is not close, upright, and the ears are forward. The texture of the auricle is delicate and soft. Except for bat ear, other ears are lost. Head: top, flat between the ears; the forehead is not flat, but slightly arched. Tone: wide, deep and backward; the muscles of the cheeks are developed. The stop is clear, because there are depression grooves between the eyes and heavy wrinkles, forming a soft curl on the short nose; the nostrils are wide, and there are clear lines between the nostrils. Nasal mirror: Black, nasal mirror If any color other than black, it belongs to the loss (except for light dogs, allowing the color of the nasal mirror to be slightly lighter, but not ideal). The upper lip is black, thick and wide, hanging on both sides of the jaw, binding to the lower lip in front, covering the teeth. When the lips are closed, the teeth are not visible. The mandibular, square, wide, protruding jaw, and upward.

neck, backline, body

Cervical: thick and arched, with a loose skin in the throat. Back: It is arched, followed by the back of the scapula, and it collapses slightly; strong, short, width at the scapula, and narrow waist. Body: short, round. Chest: wide, deep and plump, good rib support, lifting on the abdomen. Tail: straight or spiral (but not curls), short, drooping, thick roots, and tip. Swiping down while rest.

outer body

Fore limbs: short and "short fat", straight, muscles and wide distance. Wolf claws: can be removed. Foot claws: medium size, compact and stable. The toes are compact, the upper part is cracked, the toe joints are high, and the toenails are short and thick.


Hind legs: Strong and muscular, longer than the forelimb, making the waist slightly higher than the scapula. Flying festivals are low. Foot claws: medium size, compact and stable. The toes are compact, the upper part is cracked, the toe joints are high, and the toenails are short and thick. The rear claws are slightly longer than the front foot claws.


The hair is moderate, smooth, short and smooth. The skin is soft and relaxed, especially in the head and scapula, forming wrinkles.


Allowed colors: tabby colors, camels, white, tabby colors white, and other colors (except for the colors of loses). Except for pure black, mouse color, liver color, black brown, black straps white or white black black, other colors are acceptable. Black refers to black without tabby.


The correct gait refers to the dual trajectory, including stretching and driving; the action is not restrained, stretched, and strong.


A proper manner, strong adaptability, and comfortable partner, natural love, calm temperament; usually active, vigilant and naughty, but there is no inappropriate noise.