About dog vaccination and deworming

About dog vaccination and deworming

vaccine vaccination:

After the puppies are born, they should be injected with vaccines. Everyone knows, but when will the injection? How many times do you inject in total? What seedlings do you use?
Because new puppies can obtain a certain amount of immune antibodies through placenta and breast milk, they can protect puppies from being invaded by certain sources of infection within a certain period of time. Because the mother source antibody can interfere with the antigenicity of the vaccine virus, it will interfere with the active immune to the dog. The mother source antibodies are mainly obtained through colostrum. Depending on the chrome intake time and quantity, the time for protecting puppies to protect puppies is also different. At the same time, there are also differences in the protection time of different viruses. The concentration of mother source antibodies is lower than the concentration required for immune protection.

The parent source antibodies that have the role of "dog plague" and "small dogs" have fallen to a relatively low level at the six or seven weeks, which is not enough to resist the invasion of these two viruses. However, there are still other mother -source antibodies at this time, so 6 colors of seedlings cannot be injected for the time being, so as not to cause immunity failure. At this time, you can shoot the Dutch Intelvios. In the case, it can quickly play a role within one to two weeks after injection, which plays a certain immune effect on "dog plague" and "small dogs".

After three to three weeks, the hexagonal seedlings can be injected. After two weeks of immunity. At this point, the immune program is completed. In the future, the hexagon+rabies will be added once a year. (The above take Inteve as an example)

Some friends may not be able to obtain two -combined seedlings. If you do not have traditional immune procedures in the epidemic area, the first immunization starts at seven to eight weeks. After the vaccine interval for three weeks), the second needle is injected and the six united six to three weeks. If in the epidemic area, the puppies should be injected high at four to five weeks, and the injection is performed once at the interval of ten days, and then injecting according to the traditional immune program.

Vaccine Precautions:

1. The vaccine should be used in the same brand, and the brand cannot be replaced during immunization, otherwise it will easily lead to immune failure.

2. Pay attention to the preservation conditions of the vaccine. The active seedlings should be preserved at 2 ~ 8 degrees Celsius to prevent frozen, high temperature and direct sunlight; weak poisonous seedlings should be kept below-15 degrees Celsius in order to maintain its effectiveness.

3. Confirm that healthy dogs can inject vaccines. After the vaccine is injected, immunity is generally 10-15 days. During this period, puppies cannot take a bath. Before the immune program is completed, you should try to reduce the activities and do not contact other dogs.

4. For the age puppies, if the vaccine cannot be injected due to physical reasons, the high serum should be injected first, and the vaccine can be injected after the body is recovered.

About dog vaccination and deworming

Reador Reador:

At the age of 20, puppies should drive intestinal worms. Most puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female dog through the placenta or milk. General intestinal parasites include tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, etc. The diseased puppies are loss of appetite, weight loss, delayed development; constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and abdominal circumference. Severe infections can cause severe complications and die. Parasitic infections of adult dogs are generally invisible, so even if there are no worms in the feces, insects should be repeated on time.

The puppies were first deworm at the age of 20, once a month until half a year, starting every quarter every quarter, and once every six months after adulthood.

Deworming is recommended to use dog -cat -dewls, which is safer.

Drug Drug:

1. The "Remoral Movies" produced by Taiwan Youda Company is good and the side effects are relatively small.

2. "Leviticid", very cheap and practical drugs, sold everywhere, cost 10 mg/kg, orally.

3, deworming net (pyramazole) 10 ~ 12 mg/kg, orally.

4. Avinin, 0.2 mg/kg, subcutaneous injection (puppies should be more careful when using puppies, strictly control the amount of usage).

Drugs that are repeatedly repelled:

1. Pyrathone, 5 ~ 10 mg/kg, orally.

2. Extermination (chlorinoline), 70mg/kg, orally, fasting for 12 hours before taking the medicine. Repeat the medicine once after 2 to 3 weeks.
In addition, there is a broad -spectrum insecticidal medicine "Iveye" deworming effect is very good, but the side effects are also relatively large, which is limited to the use of the dogs strictly according to the amount of use. (Corley Dog Disable)

Driven about parasites such as cordworms and heartworms needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

In vitro parasites are mainly flea, lice, etc., and the in vitro parasites can be imported from French imported drugs "Fulaen". There are two types of spray and titration. The effects are very good, safety and side effects are small, and puppies can also be used. In addition, there are domestic "insect extinguishing Ning" drops, the effect is also very good, and the quality is cheap. As for the flea -removing collar, it is recommended not to use it, because the toxicity is too high, the case of dogs and cats have already been paralyzed due to the use of flea.