Introduction of Bear Dog Breeds

Introduction of Bear Dog Breeds

Introduction of Bear Dog Breeds
Biens (details introduction)

Variety Standard

Big Bear Dog Body

Dimensions: Male Bargers and Female Berbit Bargers shoulders are between 9.5 inches and 11.5 inches. The proportion is first considered. If this size range is exceeded, it is proven to be a very good individual and allows appropriate relaxation standards. But in any case, shoulder height should not exceed 12 inches or low and 9 inches. The lowest shoulder high standard is not applicable to puppies. Percent: The length of the body (from the front of the chest to the last point of the hip) is about 1/4 than the shoulder higher. The distance from the shoulder to the shoulder to the chest is about 1/2 from the distance from the horse shoulder to the ground. Physical constitution: compact, medium bone mass. It does not look rough nor slender.

The hind legs are completely vertically on the ground. Wolf claws can be removed. The feet are tight and round, and the foot pads are black.

Big Bear Dog Being Mao

The texture of the hair is the most important. The bottom hair is soft and thick, and the outer layer is thick and curled. The combination of the two hair, when touching, produces a soft and strong feeling, and the feeling of being shot is as elastic as long plush or velvet. After bathing and brushing, Mao stood on his body, and a puff effect was produced as a whole. The hair of the rigidity is not needed. The soft quilt, silk, and hair, which is posted on the body by Mao Ping, or the lack of bottom hair is a very serious defect. Pruning: Mao needs to be trimmed to display the natural curve of the body. All parts are rounded and cannot be cut too short. It looks too trimmed or shows the appearance of the square. The head decoration, beard, ears and tails keep a longer length. The long hair of the head is trimmed into a round appearance. The back line is trimmed into a horizontal shape, and the hair must be kept enough to maintain the puff shape of the variety.

Big Bear Dog Color

The color of the bears is white, with light yellow, cheese or apricot shadows around the ears or body. The other colors of mature individuals exceed 10%of the total number of hair, which is defective and will be punished. But these allowed colors on the puppies are not defective.

Big Bear Dog Gait

The movement of the trot is stretched, accurate and relaxed. Observe from the side, the stretching movements of the front legs and hind legs are coordinated with each other. During the exercise, the head and neck were slightly erected. As the speed increased, the limbs gathered towards the center of the body. When you leave, keep the hind legs medium -distance and you can see the foot pad. Come over or leave, the action is accurate and correct.

Big Bear Temperature

Mild and observing the rules, sensitive, naughty, and love. A pleasant attitude is the characteristic of this variety, and it is easy to be satisfied because of small things.

Bear Bested Dog

The upper and lower jaws are lacking; the eyes are light, blue, yellow, and gray eyes; pink nose; tail stands on the back, or droop, spiral tail; Extreme potential; all black spots are defective.