Introduction of Alaskan dog breeds

Introduction of Alaskan dog breeds

Introduction of Alaskan dog breeds


overall appearance

Head: The head cover is wide, the nose and mouth are large, the jaw is strong and powerful, and the face shape of the wolf.

Ear: Small and triangular, the distance between the two ears is wide.

Eyes: Tea color, moderate size.

Mouth: The lips that look smiling, sharp mouth

Body: strong body, thick chest, straight back, round hips.

Being hair: The lower hair is like wool -shaped and thick, thick and hard upper hair. The hair color is white, from pale gray to black color, and from golden yellow to pork liver color. Some part of the face is white.

Limbs: thick forelimbs, muscle developed, thick limb wide and strong.

Foot: quite large and strong, thick and tight toes, hairy between the toes, thick and hard toes.

Tail: It is covered with soft and fluffy hair, tail heels, tails drooping at a break, and bending on the back when working.

Height: Xiong: 64 ~ 71 cm Female: 56 ~ 58 cm

Body type specifications

According to the description of AKC, the golden body type that Alaska should have was -25 inches (63.5 cm) and 85 pounds (39 kg) in the shoulder height of the male dog; 34 kg).

General male adults shoulder height is 22 -inch (55.9 cm) ~ 27 inches (68.6 cm), female adult dog height is 21 -inch (53.3 cm) ~ 25 inches (63.5 cm). A kilograms or individuals less than 34 kg are common.

Occasionally, the male individuals who weigh more than 120 pounds (54 kg), and there are also breeders who specialize in breeding the body specifications of the huge dogs. Although both AKC and FCI have not made specific regulations on the upper limit of the Alaskan sled dog, due to the adverse effects on bones and body development, this individual is considered inappropriate to pure breed Alaska sled dogs, nor is it not being subject to being not appropriate, nor is it not being subject to being subject. AKC's purebred dog standard acceptance. (This is uncommon and suchd dogs are propuced primarily by breeders who Market a 'Giant Malamute.' These laarge sizes are not in accounting.


Alaskan sled dog quilt is a "densely characteristic" double layer of hair. The inner layer is rich in velvet, and the outer layer is a hard -shaped needle -shaped hair. Generally, it is similar to the hairy of Husky, but to some extent, the hairs of Husky are slightly rough. The outer -shaped needle -shaped hair should not be too long, and the texture cannot be soft. This situation is considered a defect.

The common color of the hair is a combination of white and smoke gray, black, sable, red, sand, and other colors. The color other than white is acceptable. The hair color pattern on the face often shows two points of white eyebrows or all white, and all the appearance between the two. The color of Alaskato's hair is no substantially different from the color of Husky's hair.

Among the giant breeds specially selected in some regions, there are also long -haired quilts that do not match the polar characteristics. Individuals of long hair are not accepted by AKC and FCI. Although they do not meet the standards of purebred dogs and cannot participate, in some regions, the appearance of long -haired individuals is also loved by some owners. Because the hair quality of the gross individual is compared with the gross quality of the gross individual, the breeding association of purebred dogs does not encourage such breeding.


Evaluate whether a sled dog of Alaska is excellent in the dog exhibition, mainly to see if its structure is in line with the requirements as a sled dog dragging heavy objects, and the other evaluation requirements are in the secondary position. Therefore, an Alaskan sled dog needs a strong physique.

Alaskan's legs must have a strong driving force. Any deficiencies showing any deficiencies when standing or exercising on the front and back of the legs and feet will be regarded as serious defects.


The head is wide and deep, not rough or clumsy, and the proportion of the body is appropriate. The expression is soft and full of love. The eyes are slightly oblique at the head, and the color of the eyes is brown, almond -shaped, and medium size. The darker the eyes, the better. Lanse's eyes are lost. The size of the ears is moderate, but it looks smaller than the head. The ears are triangular and the tip of the ear is slightly round. The ears are very open, located on the outside of the head of the head, becoming a line with the corners of the outer eyes. When the ears are standing upright, it is like standing on the head. The erected ears may lean forward slightly, but when the dog is working, the ears sometimes fold to the head. Too high ears are defective.

The head between the two ears is wide and slightly raised, and the direction of the eyes gradually narrowed and flattened from the top of the head, and the part near the cheeks becomes flat. There are slight wrinkles between your eyes. The outline of the head and the outline of the tone are folded down slightly down, and the straight lines are connected together. Compared with the head, the mouth looks long and larger, and the width and depth are gradually becoming smaller in the direction of the nasal mirror from the position of the head. Except for the red -haired dog, the dogs of other colors should be black nasal mirrors, eye circles and lips. The red -haired dog is allowed to be brown nasal mirrors, eye circles and lips. The "snow nose" with light stripes is allowed. The lips are closely closed. The upper and lower jaws are wide and the teeth are huge. Bite the shear bite, the upper jaw protruding or the protruding bite of the jaw is all defects.