How to vaccinate puppies

How to vaccinate puppies

How to vaccinate puppies

The "small dog is small", the mother source antibody, which has the role of immune effects, has fallen to a relatively low level at the six or seven weeks, which is not enough to resist the invasion of these two viruses. However, there are still other mother -source antibodies at this time, so 6 colors of seedlings cannot be injected for the time being, so as not to cause immunity failure. At this time, you can shoot the Dutch Intelvios. In the case, it can quickly play a role within one to two weeks after injection, which plays a certain immune effect on "dog plague" and "small dogs".

After three to three weeks, the hexagonal seedlings can be injected. After two weeks, the dog will develop immunity. At this point, the immune program is completed. In the future, the hexagon+rabies will be added once a year. (The above take Inteve as an example)

Some friends may not be able to obtain two -combined seedlings. If you do not have traditional immune procedures in the epidemic area, the first immunization starts at seven to eight weeks. After the vaccine interval for three weeks), the second needle is injected and the six united six to three weeks. If in the epidemic area, the puppies should be injected high at four to five weeks, and the injection is performed once at the interval of ten days, and then injecting according to the traditional immune program.

Pay attention:

1. The vaccine should be used in the same brand, and the brand cannot be replaced during immunization, otherwise it will easily lead to immune failure.

2. The vaccine should be paid attention to preservation conditions. The active seedlings should be preserved at 2--8 degrees Celsius to prevent frozen, high temperature and direct sunlight; weak poison seedlings should be kept below-15 degrees Celsius in order to maintain its effectiveness.

3. To confirm that healthy dogs can inject vaccines. After the vaccine is injected, immunity is generally 10--15 days. During this period, puppies cannot take a bath. Before the immune program is completed, you should try to reduce the activities and do not contact other dogs.