Expectant mothers can also get rabies vaccine.

Expectant mothers can also get rabies vaccine.

Expectant mothers can also get rabies vaccine.

Experts said that there is no need to worry about this, both pregnant and lactating women can vaccinate rabies.

Yang Zhicong, deputy director of the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that human rabies vaccine has high safety. At the same time, because rabies are currently 100%dead -derived diseases, whether it is pregnant, lactating women, newborns, infants, children, elderly, elderly People or people who have other diseases at the same time, after being bitten by animals, regardless of whether human animals are rabies, rabies vaccine should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Qualified vaccine will not affect the fetus

Studies have shown that qualified rabies vaccine will not have adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and will not affect the fetus.

First of all, the rabies vaccine is an activated virus vaccine. The activated virus cannot pass through the placenta barrier and will not cause abnormalities in the fetus. Reported clinical verification data confirmed that no rabies vaccine caused abortion, premature birth or teratogenic phenomenon. Therefore, once it is bitten by a dog or cat, whether it is before or during pregnancy, it should be timely, full, and according to conventional injection of rabies.

Breastfeeding women can breastfeed after vaccination

In addition, some special groups, such as breastfeeding women, can continue to breastfeed after vaccination, which will not affect the normal development of the baby.

Newborn and infants and young children are not yet healthy because of the central nervous system and the body's immune function. After being bitten by crazy dogs, the risk of rabies is greater than adults. Therefore, once exposed to suspicious animals, it is necessary to deal with the wound in a timely and standardized manner, and immediately inoculate the rabies vaccine, and inject a passive immune preparation if necessary. Children who are planning to be immunized can be vaccinated according to normal immune procedures.

Experts said that no rabies vaccine and other vaccines (including children's plan immune vaccines) have not been found at the same time, and the use of children's planning (including children's plan) will affect the immune effect at the same time. During the period of inoculation of rabies vaccine, other vaccines can also be vaccinated according to normal immune procedures.

In view of the death of rabies, parents are advised to give priority to children to vaccinate rabies.