How to take pictures of cats?

How to take pictures of cats?

How to take pictures of cats?

British short hair cat (detail introduction)

No matter what animal owners are raised, they hope to record every moment of pets, but taking photos for pets is one of the most difficult themes.Many owners who raise cats always complain that they are always not good for cats. In fact, taking pictures for cats is also particular about methods. Here are a few tips for taking pictures for cats. I hope to help everyone.

1. Preparation

First, take some preparations for cats.To take a bath for the cute cat babies, be sure to wash it clean, and then make beauty.Like people, no makeup is not beautiful, cats also need to make makeup.However, cat's makeup is not eyebrows and lipsticks. The makeup mentioned here is mainly to wipe off the pet's eyes and combed the hair.

After finishing the cat, you have to sort yourself up.Be sure to wear a set of strong and wear -resistant clothes.Because you often lie on the ground when taking pictures, it is easy to get dirty clothes. It is recommended not to wear expensive clothes.

2. Equipment

1. Legend

The demand for shooting cats can be very simple, just one machine and one mirror.As for what lens you choose, you need to see what the shooting effect you want.E.g:

Fish eye lens -can be placed in the effect of the cat several centimeters in front of the cat;

Wide -angle lens -such as 12mm, you can shoot the cat and the nearby environment, and increase the opportunity to successfully shoot, but you need to be careful that the cat becomes too small and insufficient.

Standard lens-such as 35-50mm, of which the 50mm large aperture lens can easily shoot the shallow deep effects to highlight the cat, but it is only suitable for cats who are not afraid of people in order to approach the shooting;

The telephoto lens -such as 200mm, if you are close to the cat or are afraid that you will be too close to scare away the cat, we can use a telephoto lens as a start. Imagine ourselves a special agent and keep the cat far away from the cat;

Macro lens -If you want to be special, you can try macro lens as ultra -close shooting. This can make the cat's eyes and hair in front of your eyes. It is recommended to use the cats raised by your home.

In addition, the battery must be prepared, because the needs of the telephoto lens and using the continuous focus mode for electricity are quite large. Preparing several sets of batteries should be a wise choice.The memory card must also be fully prepared. Once half of the shot of the memory card is not enough, how regrettable it is.

2. Basic settings of the camera

In terms of white balance, you can use the automatic white balance mode if you use a flash. If you shoot under the tungsten lamp and do not use the flash, you can set the white balance directly to the tungsten wire light mode.As for the use of other indoor light sources, it is best to manually calibrate the white balance to reduce the situation of biased.

In addition, when focusing, the focus position should be in the eyes of the cat. If focusing elsewhere, the photos will look blur.If you shoot the cats in the fast walk, choosing the continuous focus mode of the camera can reduce the loss of focus.

3. Pay attention to the shutter speed

When holding a camera, you need to keep the safety shutter, but the need for cat shutters in the movement is faster. For example, 1/400s, whether indoors or outdoors can also increase or enlarge the aperture to get a faster shutter speed.

Three, how to shoot cats?

Cats usually do not listen to work, so they cannot be taken outside. Once it runs, you can't chase it. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that everyone shoot indoors.

Cat's life habits usually start to be active when sleeping during the day. Although pet cats in the family now have gradually lost this unique habit, most cats still follow this law, so shooting cats try to choose as much as possible to chooseIt is done in the afternoon.Because there is a large difference between indoor environment and outdoor, it is a good choice to use long -focus and try to open a large aperture. This can blur the messy background to make the subject more prominent.

1. Light source

When shooting, use natural light as much as possible. The flash not only easily causes red eyes, but also scares pets. Therefore, choosing a bright and natural light environment, outdoor or indoors with bright windows.

If you shoot indoors, light sources are the most important factor that need to be considered.The simplest is to use natural light during the day, and the natural light clearing through the window can achieve natural effects.It is best to have a family and friends to help use the anti -light board to replenish the cat's backlight shadow. If there is no reflector, it can be replaced with white towels and sheets.

If there is no natural light, turn all the lights in the room, and use a higher sensitivity (such as ISO 800) and open a large aperture to reduce the shaking of the picture.The more flexible method is to use the flash to reflect the light source to the cat with the jumping method. Because the direct flashing flash can make the cat's eyes reflect and appear "red eyes".Adding a soft light device to the flash can make the light softer softer.

2. Ensure the sharpness of the eyes

The cat's eyes are a bit special. In the bright environment, the pupils will be thinner into a narrow vertical line, and it will open into a circular shape in a dark environment.Most people think that round pupils look more cute. To shoot such eyes, they must be in the dim indoor environment, and it is best to light up with jump lights.

As the saying goes, the eyes are the window of the soul.In portrait photography, the focus is often focused on the eyes, paying attention to the grasp of the eyes.The same is true for cats. The innocent eyes are translucent and cute, sometimes revealing naughty, sometimes lazy, as long as the cats' beautiful eyes are captured, they will achieve an excellent pet photography.

Therefore, put the focus on the cat's eyes. One is not to run, and the other is to use shallow scenes to simplify the background to highlight it.

3. Selection of shooting time

If you want to take a more formal cat portrait, you can wait for the cat to act when the cat is a little sleepy or just wakes up. If it is a vibrant pet photo, take it when they are full of energy.They are obviously not suitable for taking pictures when they are angry.

4. approach them

As a master, don't force them to put any Pose.Choose an environment that makes cat feel comfortable and relaxed, and actively let the camera follow them.

A very good method is to shoot horizontally. Everyone knows that when pets look at us, we will also habitually shoot. If you change the angle, keep the camera and their horizontal sight direction.They will be very special when shooting angle.You can also take advantage of them lying on the floor, or lying on your belly and shooting in the direction of their sight.

When you meet a kitten, don't let go of this best model.After the cat is bigger, the vigilance of things will be very high, and it will be alert to immediately disturb it, but the kitten rarely exists in this problem.When the cat was young, he was very interested in anything. You would play with everything and did not care about your existence.Especially when playing, you often focus on it. The degree of excitement is quite high. You make a little sound. They will immediately open their eyes to look around to see what else. What are you waiting for?

5. Attraction of them

How to attract the attention of cats?There is a small way to call their names or whistle to attract their attention in the process of playing. This method not only caught their surprise expression, but also captured their alert gesture.

When we take photos of the cat, we will talk to him while taking pictures, and sometimes we will attract his attention with toys.Now in such a hot summer, often a few photos have been sweaty after taking them.

6. Show their personality

If your pet is a lazy cat, shooting him yawning, if your pet is lively and moving, then pat the way he is good at exercise, or some small tricks he often naughty.Remember, showing a distinctive personality is the key to the success of pet photography.

Few people can shoot cats in the exercise. This is because they are very sensitive and their movements are very fast.The secondary focus mode is very convenient. When the cat is resting, press the shutter to focus, and then compose the map, and finally release the shutter, which can ensure the accuracy of the focus and the clarity of the photo.

7. close -up

If you shoot with a telephoto lens and make the cat's face or body occupy the entire picture, it will be very photographed, and it will also reveal some humanity.

8. Be patient

No matter how excited your cat is, you must have enough patience to catch the moment he relaxed.Here you can choose the continuous shooting function of the camera.

9. Experiment

The last point is that you can try to shoot with different angles and methods.Maybe you can dig the other side of the cat.