How to prevent huskies from suffering from skin diseases

How to prevent huskies from suffering from skin diseases

How to prevent huskies from suffering from skin diseases
Husky (details introduction)

After Husky suffers from skin diseases, itching, erythema, hair removal, and dandruff may occur in the diseased parts, which seriously affects the aesthetics. In addition, some skin diseases will not only be transmitted to their companions, but also to the owner. In order to prevent Husky from suffering from skin diseases, the owner must take preventive measures in the daily maintenance process.

1. Comb every day, take a regular bath

The owner combed Husky every day not only to ensure the health of the dog's hair, but also to find out whether there is a parasite on the dog's body in time. Exotic parasites (fleas, mites, lice, etc.) can cause Husky to suffer from parasitic skin diseases. Once infected with the owner, the owner will also be affected by parasites. At the same time, the owner must take a bath regularly to eliminate the bacteria and viruses on the dogs, and the possibility of dogs with skin diseases will be greatly reduced.

2. Do not contact the sick dog

Many dogs have skin diseases because they contact the diseased dog or other diseased animals. They want to prevent this situation. When the owner is bringing the dog out, you must wear a traction rope for the dog. They run randomly. When encountering a stray animal suspected of illness, do not let your dog entangle with them to avoid illness.

Three, pay more attention to dogs

In addition to bacteria, fungi, parasitic insects, etc., some dogs will also have various symptoms of skin diseases due to allergies such as allergies, so the owner should pay attention to whether the dog will be the case in the process of maintaining Husky. If the dog is allergic to certain substances, the owner should not let the dog come into contact with these substances.

Four, regular disinfection dog supplies

In high temperature and humidity, bacteria are easily breed, and dogs live in such an environment for a long time. Skin is naturally more likely to have problems.

Five, Sunlight Bath

The ultraviolet rays in the sun can indeed kill certain bacteria, viruses, etc., so moderate sunbathing is good for dogs. However, the owner must not let the dog stand in the sun for a long time because of sterilizing the dog, otherwise the dog will be easily sunburned or even cause heat stroke. Especially in the summer, do not take dogs out in the afternoon, the best time to walk in the morning and evening.