How to medicate eyes when dogs or cats have eye diseases?

How to medicate eyes when dogs or cats have eye diseases?

Many parents will encounter eye problems in their babies. Whether it is any age, any breed, or any region, dog or cat eye diseases are extremely common. Many families have long disapproved of it and deal with it at home. Indeed, many are just simple.

Ophthalmic administration: As the name suggests, the eye requires topical administration due to disease, mainly to apply ointment or drop liquid to the eye.

[How To]

1. Wash the eye area with a soft tissue or gauze moistened with warm water and remove any secretions.

2. If there is a large amount of cellular debris, the debris and secretions can be flushed with eye rinse solution, and the excess fluid can be blotted with soft tissue or gauze.

3. Tilt the animal's head and lift the upper eyelid with the fingers.

How to medicate eyes when dogs or cats have eye diseases?

We often say that the eyes are the window to the soul. For pets, the eyes are their language window. The initial symptoms of many diseases start from the eyes. Parents, please don’t ignore them. Let’s pay attention to the babies.

Tears on one side of the eye: First, carefully check whether there is irritation caused by foreign bodies or excessive hair in the lower eye, and secondly consider the irritation caused by the entry of bath liquid or eyelash irritation or trauma, which may be caused by scratches on the grass or playing with friends.

There are also many dogs who are very cats. There are red and swollen cherry-like sarcomas at the corners of the eyes on one or both sides of the eyes. The scientific name is third eyelid hyperplasia. It is popularly called stye by adults.

More cataracts and glaucoma in elderly dogs and cats, some are due to the deterioration of eye function due to aging, and some are due to diabetes, dry eye, abnormal eye secretions and so on.

Purulent secretions from both eyes or around the eyes are secretions. At this time, parents should take their babies to see a doctor as soon as possible. The overall health and sub-health or diseases of the body are expressed in the eyes. A primary message is liver disease.

There is no problem with bilateral eyes, but there are serious brown or reddish-brown substances around the eyes, and the baby is often seen crying in daily life.

There are also many eye diseases that are not often encountered, and I will not introduce them to you one by one. For our pets, because they can't speak, their eyes are the most important window of expression. I hope all parents can pay attention to the babies in time.

It is generally recommended that sick animals with eye diseases should use some drugs that can clear the liver and improve eyesight, and treat symptomatically at the same time.